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A report released today by One Wisconsin Institute analyzes four years of failure by the quasi-private Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), created by Gov. Scott Walker.
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Gov. Scott Walker’s recent tame rebuke of Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments about John McCain’s military service comes after Walker took nearly $500,000 from the architect of the notorious “Swift Boat” campaign.
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Gov. Scott Walker has quickly moved to sign the dangerous abortion ban he asked lawmakers to pass without exceptions for rape or incest.
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That Gov. Walker is announcing today he is running for another political office is little surprise. He’s politics incarnate - having spent almost his entire adult life doing or saying whatever he needed to win an election.
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One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements about Gov. Scott Walker signing the biennial state budget during an unexpected day spent in Wisconsin.
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To help distill the long history of cronyism, corruption and incompetence that have personified Scott Walker’s time on the public stage, we compiled “Ten Things You May Not Know About Scott Walker.”
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One Wisconsin Now today launched The Scott Walker Files website providing an in-depth look at the cronyism, corruption and incompetence of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s 22-year career in public office.
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Instead of helping borrowers, Gov. Walker wrote a budget to advance his presidential ambitions and Assembly Republicans piled on approving a budget full of special interest giveaways.

Stroebel crossed the line of what’s legal in Wisconsin with his action publicly demanding a vote on that bill as a bottom line demand for giving his vote in favor of the state budget.
hold your breath

The Agenda Project Action Fund, One Wisconsin Now and Wisconsin Jobs Now have launched “HOLD YOUR BREATH,” a graphic ad depicting an individual drowning to symbolize the plight of Americans burdened by student debt.
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Scott Walker should be ashamed to have taken Earl Holt's money in the first place and he should immediate return those contributions and any other undisclosed contributions he's received from Holt to his numerous fundraising entities.
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U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is demanding documents and threatening to use the oversight authority of the Senate committee he chairs in an apparent attempt to derail an ongoing federal investigation into the private school voucher program in Wisconsin

According to nonpartisan legal counsel for the state legislature, a new abortion ban scheduled to be considered by the State Senate tomorrow contains no provision to protect the life of the mother in a pregnancy related medical emergency.