One Wisconsin Now Statements on the Two Year Anniversary of Scott Walker As Governor

His Cash Grabs, Pursuit of Partisan Political Power and Crony Capitalism Have Continued, Unashamedly and Unabated, for Two Years.'

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements on the two-year anniversary of Scott Walker as Governor:

“Scott Walker used his gubernatorial inauguration in 2011 as a shockingly unseemly fundraiser for his own campaign and the state Republican Party. His cash grabs, pursuit of partisan political power and crony capitalism have continued, unashamedly and unabated, for two years.”

“Looting the public treasury to dole out favors to big business. Slashing investments in education and health care to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Thrusting the state into chaos and turmoil as he stripped workers of their rights. Undermining free and fair elections by rigging legislative districts and signing shameful voter suppression legislation. Flooding the state with previously unseen campaign cash from out-of-state millionaires and billionaires. These are just some of the lowlights of the disgraceful record of Gov. Walker’s two years in office.”

“Now, as Gov. Walker pursues national political ambitions, he is poised to inflict even more of his poisonous agenda on the people of Wisconsin. Along with lapdog legislative majorities, Gov. Walker is promising less protection from polluters, more attacks on voting, more privatization of education and more favors for the special interests and wealthy in service of his own political ambitions.”

“The people of Wisconsin deserve results – and after two years of the failure, division and corruption that embodies this governor – they’ve shown they won’t sit back and take this governor’s excuses and diversions as he and his party try to sell us off, piece by piece.”

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