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Confronting the 21st Century’s Third Rail of Economic Politics

We're executing a massive public education campaign to both the media and the public about the full economic impact of the student loan debt crisis.

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Wisconsin Radio Network

The effort drew criticism from Scot Ross with One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group that has been a strong proponent for reforms in the student loan system.

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Based on current projections by One Wisconsin Institute, a nonprofit organization that conducts research on student loan debt, it will take 21 years or so to repay this amount.

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Milwaukee Business News

One Wisconsin Now released a statement condemning state lawmakers who vote in favor of passing the package, saying the measures do not go far enough to address student loan debt.

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One Wisconsin Now

In the waning days of the final legislative floor period Republicans are trying to pull a bait and switch on nearly one million Wisconsin student loan borrowers.

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Wausau Daily Herald

The listening session will include a presentation from One Wisconsin Now on the student loan debt crisis, the impact state budget cuts have had on the University of Wisconsin System and its funding, and the ramifications for higher education affordability for students.