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An Anthology of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s Embarrassingly Out-of-Touch Record

The stunning frequency with which U.S. Senator Ron Johnson proves himself to be utterly misinformed inspired us to chronicle the Senator's extremism.

“It's just — it's not even an issue here in Wisconsin, it doesn't even move the radar at all.”

—Ron Johnson says abortion not an issue

“The economy was not in free fall when Pres. Obama took office.”

—Ron Johnson thinks Obama did not come into office with the economy in a free fall

“Business outsourcing is not responsible for our weakened economy.”

—Ron Johnson Doesn’t See a Problem with Outsourcing

“So no I think [climate change] is absolutely not proven.”

—Ron Johnson’s says climate change not proven

“You can get [contraception]. Go online, type it in. It’s easy to get.”

—Ron Johnson’s Advice To Women Who Can’t Afford Contraception

“Younger people have no expectation of having any Medicare or Social Security.”

—Ron Johnson says younger people have no expectation of having any Medicare or Social Security

“[The Affordable Care Act] is the single greatest assault on freedom in my lifetime.”

—Ron Johnson claims Obamacare is a greater threat than terrorism

“The climate for business investment is far more certain in communist China than it is in the U.S.”

—Ron Johnson on moving jobs to China

“Greenland was actually green at one point in time. And it's been, since, it's a whole lot whiter now.”

—Ron Johnson Said Greenland Used To Be Green

“I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change. It’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination.”

—Ron Johnson claims sunspots are behind climate change

“When you continue to extend unemployment benefits, people really don't have the incentive to go take other jobs.”

—Ron Johnson opposes unemployment insurance and programs to help the poor

“I was watching FOX News and, uh, Dick Morris came on.”

—Ron Johnson, on how being a rich guy in Wis. inspired him to public service

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“What he’s saying is, ‘I got him this far, but I’m not going to get him any further,’ ” Pines told reporters on a conference call organized by the liberal One Wisconsin Institute.

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