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An Archive of Gov. Scott Walker's Cronyism, Corruption and Incompetence

We're tracking Gov. Scott Walker as he executes his political doctrine – to enrich his friends, to punish his enemies and to advance his political career.

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Donald Trump gives Scott Walker the maximum contribution for his re-election campaign, Scott Walker turns around and seeks to make oversight of the for-profit college racket more difficult.

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The move comes just days before the state goes to trial over a challenge to Wisconsin's Voter ID law by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, which claims that obtaining a state ID is so difficult some would-be eligible voters are simply giving up.

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The Wisconsin primary will be the first big test of the state's controversial voter ID law. Scot Ross, Executive Director of Wisconsin Now, joins Al Sharpton to discuss.

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Wisconsin State Journal

“Walker’s propensity for saying one thing while doing another and the subservience of principle to political expediency in order to advance his own ambitions has come to the fore,” the liberal One Wisconsin Now said after Walker’s reversal on ethanol policy.

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