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We have a chance to push back, but we need your help and we need it now.
Tell State Legislators: Say NO to Massive Corporate Giveaways

Gov. Scott Walker emerged from behind closed doors touting a deal with Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, that literally could have us writing them a $200 million plus check every year, for the next 15 years.

We all know Scott Walker is only concerned about one job in the state of Wisconsin, his. And he’s prepared to do anything to keep it, including giving away billions of our tax dollars and gutting environmental protections.

His campaign has even started running ads about this deal!

We have a chance to push back, but we need your help and we need it now.

On Thursday August 3 at 1:30 p.m., in Room 412 East of the State Capitol in Madison, the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy will hold a hearing on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed bill to write this Foxconn deal into state law.

This is our chance to tell state legislators that mortgaging our future with massive giveaways to foreign corporations isn’t the way to create good, family supporting jobs here in Wisconsin. We ought to be investing in our success, our own schools and our own roads instead of subsidizing the profits of foreign corporations.

Even if you can’t make it to Madison, your voice still needs to be heard. Call, write or email your state legislator today!


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Matt Rothschild: "Democracy at Risk in DC and WI"

Shell Lake Community Center • Shell Lake, WI
Thursday, August 24, 2017 • 7:00pm

Matt Rothschild gives a talk entitled "Democracy at Risk, in Wisconsin and Washington." Q&A to follow.

Rothschild is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and former Editor of The Progressive Magazine. He's an expert on campaign finance issues and is a frequent guest on WPR.

Event co-hosted by: Indivisible of Northwest WI, Barron County Indivisible, Northwoods Huddle, HudsonWisc Indivisible, & Up North Engaged.



Shawano County Democrats Fall Dinner

Shawano Lake Golf Course • Shawano, WI
Saturday, October 7, 2017 • 4:30pm

Senator Kathleen Vinehaut will be speaking after dinner. There will be raffle baskets and a 50/50 Raffle

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Rebellions are built on hope...

They are.

And with what is going on with the madness and recklessness of Donald Trump.

And with what is going on with the lapdog Congress led by Trump allies Paul Ryan in the House and Ron Johnson in the Senate.

And with what is going on in our beloved Wisconsin and the pathological failure and incompetence of Scott Walker.

We must rebel. We must build it on hope.

But most importantly, we must build it together.

Are you as fed up as we are with pundits, Republicans, know-it-alls and do-nothings who keep trying to say the diversity of progressives is our biggest weakness, as they try to divide us?

We are.

Our diversity is our greatest strength. Our diversity is our power.

We know you’re ready for the nonsense to end. It’s not going to happen over night. It’s going to happen one day at a time, one week at a time, one action at a time.

Here is our plan and we hope you will join with us.

As you know, at One Wisconsin Now, we are fighting every day for our shared progressive values, ideas and policies. With your help, we have built a non-stop communications factory, not only being among the state’s strongest progressive voices in the media, but also fighting back against those who threaten our state and our allies.

We want to fight back with a weekly campaign. We want your help in finding a critical action everyone can take on a weekly basis to build upon the protests, marches and dedicated progressive across Wisconsin and across the country who are standing up against this tyranny we face.

This is #YourOWNRebellion. Here’s how it will work.

With your help and working with our partners in every corner of the state, we will offer up a way in which you can fight back that week. It may be writing a letter to the editor, or attending a local hearing going on in your community, sharing information on social media, calling a specific and targeted elected official, to name just a handful of these parts of the rebellion we can do to start today in taking back our state and our nation.

We will be soliciting your advice and counsel, but we need to know if you are ready to join us.

We need you to affirmatively agree to receive this information from us, by clicking here and agreeing to be a part of #YourOWNRebellion.

We want results and we won’t waste your time.

Are you in?

It’s up to all of us.

Above all we must have hope. Together.