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Scott Walker’s Record on Foreign Affairs & Veterans

Scott Walker Has Stumbled and Bumbled His Way Around Foreign Affairs and Military Issues

From touting his status as an Eagle Scout as his qualification to serve as commander-in-chief to comparing public school teachers to terrorists Scott Walker has stumbled and bumbled his way around foreign affairs and military issues. One does not expect a Governor to be an expert on foreign and military affairs. However, neither does one expect the buffoonery we have gotten from Scott Walker.

Having never served in uniform himself, Scott Walker’s record on honoring those who have has been less than stellar.

As Milwaukee County Executive Walker installed a close associate the head of a charity organization intended to help the widows and children of armed service members killed in the line of duty. Instead, the aide was discovered to have been embezzling funds for his own use and was criminally convicted for his fraud.

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs was roiled with controversy over his pick of a political crony to head the agency. Many veterans and groups representing them were outraged by Walker’s signing into law a measure to prohibit them from recovering damages for injuries they experienced as a result of exposure to asbestos in the course of their service to our country.

Scott Walker Extends Craven Campaign Cash Chase to Foreign Policy

Via his personal campaign Twitter account, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has endorsed Donald Trump’s controversial announcement that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Based on reporting about how Trump came to his decision and according to state campaign finance records, political pandering may explain Walker’s latest foray into foreign policy.

[One Wisconsin Now, 12/07/2017]

From 2015-16 Scott Walker, Ron Johnson Had Opinions About Classified Materials

 In 2015 and 2016, Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson raised public concerns about the potential release of classified information regarding the Democratic candidate for President. With the shocking revelation Donald Trump released classified information to Russian officials, both Johnson and Walker are silent. Walker, in fact, is over the next several days enriching Trump’s bank account by hosting a huge closed-door conference as head of the Republican Governors Association at Trump’s private resort in Miami.

[One Wisconsin Now, 05/16/2017]

Five Legitimate Ideas for Walker

 In a weekend talk show appearance, the increasingly desperate and embarrassing campaign of Scott Walker for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination hit a new low as he opined building a fence along the 5,525 mile long United States - Canada border is a “legitimate idea.” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross today suggested five other ideas Walker ought to consider legitimate as part of his day job where he ostensibly still serves as governor of the state of Wisconsin.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/31/2015]

Muslim advocate: Scott Walker is ‘enabling ISIS’ with ‘radical Islam’ rhetoric

Jenni Dye, research director for the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, suggested Walker's message was driven by the conservative Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, whose president and CEO Michael Grebe is Walker's presidential campaign chairman. Grebe also served as chairman for Walker's two gubernatorial bids and his recall campaign. The Bradley Foundation was deemed one of the "top eight funders of Islamophobia" based on IRS filings from 2001-2012 in a report by the liberal Center for American Progress. [Capital Times, 08/29/2015]

Scott Walker gives foreign policy speech: ‘I have been tested like no other candidate in this...

"This guy couldn't keep 14 senators from sneaking off to Illinois but he's going to secure our borders, end hostilities in the Middle East and rid the world of ISIS. Scott Walker brays with the same clueless bravado as the George W. Bush Republican neocons and right-wing think-tank chickenhawks who lied us into Iraq and left President Obama to do the job of taking out Osama bin Laden," said Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now. [Capital Times, 08/29/2015]

In light of Scott Walker’s China comments, aides defend Wisconsin’s trade relationship

Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, thinks Walker has another motive for being tough on China, calling the move a "ham-handed dodge." "Scott Walker desperately wanted to change the media focus on his three positions in a week as he tries to chase Donald Trump's race to the sewer, proving again Scott Walker will say and do anything to win a political campaign," Ross said, referring to Walker's apparent shift among three different positions on birthright citizenship in a matter of a week. [La Crosse Tribune, 08/26/2015]

Scott Walker Is Two-Faced on China

Scot Ross, who heads the progressive group One Wisconsin Now, criticized the governor for the apparent incongruency. “Scott Walker doesn’t understand what’s going on in the world and doesn’t know what’s going on in his state,” he said. “In his desperate attempt to out-Trump Trump, Scott Walker has out-Palined Palin.” “It’s pretty rich for a guy who’s had three positions on immigration in a week to be telling the President to get a backbone,” he added. [Daily Beast, 08/24/2015]

Walker prepares for first overseas trade mission

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker departs Friday for his first overseas trade mission, a 10-day tour to China that comes as Walker keeps up a furious travel schedule in the United States - fueling speculation he is trying to maintain a high profile in advance of a possible 2016 presidential run. [WLUK-TV, 04/09/2013]

Signed Bill That Put Liability Limits in Tort Actions Above Protecting Health of Wisconsinites, Particularly...

Signed a bill that set limits on liability in tort actions and failed to protect veterans who become sick as a result of asbestos exposure during military service and for a bill that creates discovery and scheduling requirements for certain types of tort actions and limits a defendant's liability for a plaintiff's injury under certain circumstances. Under the bill, a plaintiff who files a tort action must disclose, within 30 days after he or she files the action, whether he or she has filed or anticipates filing a claim against a personal injury trust. The bill particularly impacts persons seeking damages related to asbestos claims.

[2013 AB 19, Senate Vote, 01/01/2013]

3 Wisconsin veterans board members have resigned in protest

A third veteran has resigned from a state board in response to Gov. Scott Walker's moves to gain greater control of the Department of Veterans Affairs, including his decision to appoint John Scocos as agency secretary...In his letter to the first-term Republican governor, Freedman criticized legislation that stripped the board of its ability to appoint the veterans affairs secretary, giving that responsibility to the governor. Walker has defended the changes, saying they will bring more accountability to the department and board. The board has been the subject of much controversy in recent years.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 01/18/2012]

Politicized Department of Veterans Affairs & Appointed Crony as Secretary

Walker signed into law a bill that politicizes the Department of Veterans Affairs by giving the governor authority to appoint the Secretary, rather than being selected by the Board of Veterans Affairs, as under prior law. Walker then appointed political crony, John Scocos, who had previously served as Secretary for six years, and was fired by the Veterans Board over financial and communications problems at the department. (2011 AB 96, introduced 4/51/2011; Senate Roll Call; Assembly Roll Call)

[2011 WI Act 36, 07/13/2011]