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Scott Walker’s Record on Justice System Issues

For Gov. Scott Walker, the Justice System Is Not About Ensuring All Are Equal Before the Law

For Gov. Scott Walker, the justice system is not about ensuring all are equal before the law, but rather how can he manipulate the system for the benefit of his political career and the special interests that underwrite him. In fact he kicked off his first term as Governor by introducing as his first bill legislation to roll back consumer’s ability to hold corporations and special interests liable for injuries they may cause by their negligence. He even tried to pass a law that would provide immunity from liability for drug manufacturers.

And Walker hasn’t just restricted himself to changing the laws about the courts, he’s tried to shape who’s making the decisions, supporting efforts to elect conservative judges and even going so far as change the state constitution to remove the sitting Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

In a particularly petulant stunt revealing the partisan lens that filters Walker’s view of the justice system he threatened to stop appointing judges to fill vacancies in the Democratic stronghold of Dane County because his nominees failed to win re-election.

The Supreme Court, with Justice Bradley abstaining, voted to hear several appeals related to the criminal investigation of collusion between the Walker's campaign and outside groups. []

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