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Scott Walker’s Record on Religious Issues

Have Decisions to Undermine Law Requiring Contraceptive Equity and Lawsuits to Block Marriage Equality Been Informed by Political Ambition?

Gov. Scott Walker is the son of a preacher and freely discusses his faith when it serves his political interests. While running for Milwaukee County Executive and Governor, the subject of Walker’s personal faith was little discussed by the candidate. But as he courts the votes of religious conservatives to advance his political ambition Scott Walker has plenty to say.

Have decisions to try to repeal or undermine state law requiring contraceptive equity and lawsuits to block marriage equality been informed by his faith or his political ambition? It’s open to debate.

What’s clear is when Scott Walker strays away from the Christianity he was raised with he’s on shakier ground, like the time he signed off on a letter to a Jewish constituent with “molotov.”

“Amid allegations Wisconsin has been incorrectly applying the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling to state insurance law, a spokesman with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Thursday clarified statements made... []

“The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides preventative health screening services to low-income women who are uninsured or underinsured. It has been credited with providing more than 500,000 breast and cervical cancer screenings... []

When given the choice between protecting women’s access to safe and legal health care services or pandering to the most extreme right-wing of the Republican Party, Scott Walker has sided with the extremists over Wisconsin women every time. []

According to the Legislative Reference Bureau analysis, “This bill creates new prohibitions against using public employes and public property for abortion-related activity. First, the bill provides that no person employed by this... []