The Walkergate Story


Number of Days Scott Walker Has Refused to Say Who Paid For His Criminal Defense Fund

Scott Walker has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for his criminal defense attorneys, yet, to this day, he is refusing to disclose who's footing the bill.

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Scott Walker’s Close Aides & Associates

Criminally Charged

Tim Russell

Former Longtime Staffer

Brian Pierick

Russell's Partner

Kevin Kavanaugh

Political Appointee

William Gardner

Campaign Donor

Darlene Wink

Former Top Aide

Kelly Rindfleisch

Former Deputy Chief of Staff

Key Players

Brett Davis

Political Appointee

Cullen Werwie

Former Spokesperson

Jim Villa

Former Chief-of-Staff

Andrew Jensen

Commercial Realtor

Cynthia Archer

Former Longtime Aide

Keith Gilkes

Campaign Manager

John Hiller

Campaign Treasurer

The “Smoking Gun” Email

Read this...

smoking gun email

Now Ask Yourself...

1. If Gov.Walker was truly unaware of the alleged campaign activity occurring mere feet away from him in the County Executive’s Office, how did he know about the laptops?

2. Why was this email sent from his campaign account and not his county executive email account? Was it to try to hide his directive from public discovery under the state's sunshine law?

3. Why did Gov. Walker email Tim Russell when he didn't work in his office any more, and didn't have any oversight of Walker's staff? Was it because Russell was still in charge of a secret, “shadow” email network in the County Executive’s office?

4. Shouldn't Gov. Walker have been telling his deputy Kelly Rindfleisch or his chief of staff Tom Nardelli about alleged campaign activity instead?

5. Why was Gov. Walker only concerned about another newspaper story? If he was truly concerned about his staff obeying the law and stopping alleged campaigning on county time, why didn’t he say so?

As County Executive, the buck stopped with Scott Walker.

The smoking gun email suggests Gov. Walker may have known that employees in his office were allegedly engaging in illegal campaign activity on county time.

And if he didn’t know, as the person in charge, shouldn’t he have?

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