Tag: Donald Trump

WMTV-TV, 11/16/2016
One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne made an appearance on UNSPUN to discuss and analyze 2016 election results.

One Wisconsin Now, 11/14/2016
Donald Trump’s tapping of a leading figure in the “alt-right” movement to a top position in his administration has raised alarms across the political spectrum.

MSNBC, 11/05/2016
Many experts are already projecting that Hillary Clinton will win. But are there battleground states that could shift the map in Donald Trump’s favor?

One Wisconsin Now, 07/18/2016
David Clarke is speaking today in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention in advance of Donald Trump’s nomination as the GOP’s 2016 Presidential nominee.

One Wisconsin Now, 06/09/2016
Donald Trump gives Scott Walker the maximum contribution for his re-election campaign, Scott Walker turns around and seeks to make oversight of the for-profit college racket more difficult.

Racine Journal Times, 06/02/2016
“Donald Trump is a racist, misogynistic narcissist who has won the Republican presidential nomination by appealing to the most repugnant elements in American politics,” said Scot Ross.