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One Wisconsin Now, 05/23/2017
We’re asking you to call, write or email your state legislators and urge them to support this common sense plan and include it in the state budget.

One Wisconsin Now, 05/19/2015
Now it’s time for their elected leaders to step up for them and put common sense before politics by allowing borrowers to refinance their student loans, just like you can with a mortgage.

One Wisconsin Now, 10/31/2014
One Wisconsin Now is using Halloween to debut a new graphic depiction of the horrors of Gov. Scott Walker’s opposition to common sense student loan reforms for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites.

One Wisconsin Now, 10/17/2014
Students, borrowers and their families are increasingly being squeezed by a system in which dramatic cuts to the university and technical colleges, skyrocketing tuition and profiteering by big banks and the federal...

One Wisconsin Now, 10/06/2014
Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke told the Associated Press her “first priority” as governor would be passing the Higher Ed, Lower Debt bill to lower student debt.

One Wisconsin Now, 09/16/2014
The following are the statements of U.S. Army veteran and UW-Waukesha student Saul Newton delivered at a community event on the recent 7th Circuit Court decision lifting an injunction on the enforcement of a photo ID requirement.

One Wisconsin Now, 06/07/2014
In a historic first, Wisconsin Democrats today included support for common sense measures to help Wisconsin borrowers refinance their student loan debt as part of their party platform.

One Wisconsin Now, 04/25/2014
The two-year anniversary of student loan debt hitting $1 trillion in the U.S. ought to be a clarion call to action. If we allow this crisis to continue to grow unchecked it will most certainly become a full-blown economic catastrophe.

Jenni Dye, 04/24/2014
It is past time for all of our leaders to lead on addressing student loan debt. They have over one trillion reasons to do so.

One Wisconsin Now, 03/30/2014
Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has included key provisions of the Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act in her “Invest for Success” jobs plan released today.

One Wisconsin Now, 03/03/2014
Student loan borrowers deserve a system that treats them fairly and a shot at the middle class, not a multi-decade debt sentence!

One Wisconsin Now, 02/11/2014
Experts and legislators provided testimony to the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee on Monday in support of Assembly Bill 498, the Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act.

One Wisconsin Now, 02/06/2014
There are hundreds of thousands of borrowers with student debt in Wisconsin. They've done the right thing, working hard to get their education or job training and taking on the personal responsibility.