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The Campaign to Protect the Right to Vote and Expand Access to the Polls in Wisconsin

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The Republican majority in Wisconsin has proven time and again that they will do anything and everything to suppress the right to vote and eviscerate oversight of our elections. This fight is going to take a lot of work, so we’ll be working around the clock to help ensure every legal voter in Wisconsin is able to vote.

Wisconsin Capitol Statute

Republican leaders, with the support of Scott Walker, are unveiling their latest scheme to manipulate election & ethics laws to gain unfair, partisan advantage.

Our new video is targeting voters who care about issues like reproductive rights, student loan debt, marriage equality, minimum wage, worker and minority rights and clean government.

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According to an amicus brief filed by One Wisconsin Institute, 257,000 voting-age Wisconsinites don’t have a car in their household. Moreover, only thirty-three of Wisconsin’s ninety-two DMVs are open full-time during business hours.

brad schimel
Mike De Sisti photo

Does Republican candidate for the job of top cop in the state, Brad Schimel, view the buying and selling of influence, not protecting the rights of the people of Wisconsin as the “essence of representative democracy”?