Dear Gov. Scott Walker:

Student loan debt is a national crisis that hurts borrowers and our entire economy.

Borrowers worked hard to get an education and took on the responsibility to pay for it. Now we’re urging you to support common sense reform so that education and job training remain a path to the middle class, not a decades long debt sentence.

We’re not asking for a bailout, just to be treated fairly by the system - like being able to refinance a student loan, just like you can a mortgage.



After slashing the budget for Wisconsin’s public university system by $250 million in advance of his presidential campaign launch, Scott Walker has further demonstrated that he has no intention of addressing the growing national student debt crisis.

In fact, his record as governor demonstrates that he will only further exacerbate the problem. Student loan debt in the U.S. now exceeds $1.3 trillion, making it the second largest debt category behind mortgages. This staggering debt load contributes to stagnant economic growth and presents a major barrier to young Americans attempting to break into the middle class.

Drowning in student debt? Better #HoldYourBreath

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