Chief of Staff Caught Seeking Stimulation Behind Walker’€™s Back


Though Scott Walker is being very public about his refusal to accept any federal economic aid to Milwaukee County, according to today’€™s Journal Sentinel his own chief of staff is looking for a little stimulation right behind his back.Under an open records request, the Journal Sentinel uncovered e-mails from Walker’€™s chief of staff, Tom Nardelli, to conservative County Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo revealing their hidden desire for a little taste of the potential economic recovery package.

In one email, Nardelli lauded the idea of sending a list of backlogged county parks projects to Gov. Doyle as an ‘€œexcellent suggestion.’€ Sanfelippo backed him up, writing ‘€œit would be nice to hit the ground running,’€ and ‘€œAnything we can get would help, considering our financial situation.’€

As the RPW starts beats its drum on behalf of Walker, and as Walker himself tries increasingly to stand out as a champion of fiscal responsibility and spending cuts, it’€™s almost sad to watch even his own chief of staff scramble to bring sorely needed funding to Milwaukee.

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Cody currently oversees online communications, web development, and graphic design at One Wisconsin Now & the Institute, having served previously as Deputy Research Director.