Fake Teacher From Wisconsin’ Now in Florida Chamber of Commerce Ad


Last week, we revealed that the corporate-financed mother of all special interest smear ad groups, the Republican State Leadership Committee, had a false ad about Sen. Dave Hansen with false claims about a fake teacher who would leave Wisconsin.


That “teacher” sure does get around, as an ad to attack workers in Florida, paid for by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, has footage of the same fake “Wisconsin teacher.”

More evidence that the RSLC’s false claim that this is a “Wisconsin teacher” has been confirmed to be a lie.

The ad should be yanked for outright falsehoods. Maybe they can appeal to Attorney General JB Van Hollen.

Oh, wait, Van Hollen got $10,000 from RSLC last election cycle. Oh, yeah and his top lieutenant was getting advice from RSLC’s political director before doing corporate America’s bidding and wasting our tax dollars trying to jump in on the lawsuit to block the federal health reform act.

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Scot Ross served as Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now & the Institute from 2007 to 2019.