GOP Job Creation Plan: Protect Big Businesses From Accountability


Job creation and reducing the state’s $3.3 billion budget deficit Payback to big business donors seems to be the top priority of part of Gov. Scott Walker.

Today, the Senate is debating the corporate no-accounability bill, also known as tort reform. Basically, it creates a system in which the consumer will never be able to hold a business that causes harm accountable in civil court.

Right now they are debating a series of Democratic amendments that would give the citizen at least some reasonable redress against deep pocketed corporations.

So far, Republicans have rejected all of these common sense improvements.

The imbalance of corporate power over the rights of individuals will grow stronger in Wisconsin.

And none of that is going to create family-supporting jobs.

# # #

Scot Ross served as Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now & the Institute from 2007 to 2019.