More All Children Matter Cash for Rose Fernandez


The fine individuals financing the racist, lawbreaking All Children Matter, who want to see our public education tax dollars go to private, for-profit companies, have dumped late cash into the Rose Fernandez race.

Reports filed with the state show Betsy DeVos, the Michigan wife of ACM founder Dick DeVos shipped a last-minute $1,000 check to Rose Fernandez’s campaign late last week — undoubtedly in the hopes that she is able to yank even more money from public schools and into K12, Inc., the for-profit company in which she and Dick are invested.

K12, Inc., reported in its SEC prospectus that it expects at least $5 million from Wisconsin taxpayers to operate virtual schools.

More information about interconnections between DeVos, K12, Inc., Rose Fernandez and legislators, lobbyists and the privatizing education movement are available at

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Scot Ross served as Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now & the Institute from 2007 to 2019.