July 23, 2011

Our Posts #F*ckYouWashington

You may have heard about the amazing outpouring of frustration and outrage realized this weekend over the ceaseless power of corporate special interests which own the Republicans and can occasionally rent a few Democrats in Congress. This, combined with a superficial and senationalistic horserace mentality by the national media have pushed the patience of the people to the breaking point.

Pondering all of the gridlock, blogger Jeff Jarvis finally encouraged people to share their anger with the simple twitter hashtag “fuckyouwashington”

One Wisconsin Now noted this new tag in the early evening Saturday, and after reading what others were saying about the failed corporate policies mixed with noxious conservative ideological extremism that has brought progress in our nation to a grinding halt.

We thought we’d provide a running tally of our contributions. Feel free to add your own (pun intended) as the mood strikes you. Your voice matters. Use it how you see fit.

Here’s ours. There’s the use of “language,” but it was the only way to populate the tag. And if you think about, the policies are a helluva a lot more obscene than the word itself.

#FuckYouWashington for making Mark Halperin a celebrity. #wiunion

#FuckYouWashington for allowing 60 votes to be an excuse for ignoring Wall St./Corporate accountability. #wiunion

#FuckYouWashington for making Gen X/Y indentured servants to student loans – tops $1 trillion on 12/1/11. #wiunion #boomerfailure

#FuckYouWashington for Politico. #wiunion #rightwingmedia

#FuckYouWashington for the “Redskins.” #racistmascots #wiunion #macaca

#FuckYouWashington for “Freedom Fries” #wiunion #globalembarassment #obamagotbinladen #bushfail

#FuckYouWashington for “Ronald Reagan National Airport” #taxcutsforrich #welfarequeens #deficits #scalia #bork

#FuckYouWashington for Michelle Rhee. #rheediculous

RT @RawStory: #fuckyouwashington Twitter hashtag unleashes a “shitstorm” of grievances. http://cot.ag/mRD7Ey #wiunion

#fuckyouwashington for making racist septuagenarians yelling at town halls more important than gen x/y soldiers dying in war. #mediafail

#fuckyouwashington for making Palin’s twitter the moral equivalent of a White House press briefing. #mediafail

#fuckyouwashington for experts Liz Cheney, Alwayswrong Kristol and Dumb Doug Feith #mediafail

#fuckyouwashington for “Mission Accomplished” #mediafail #kristolalwayswrong

#fuckyouwashington for telecom policy allowing six ginormous corporations to own our media. #mediamonopoly

#fuckyouwashington for allowing a hapless crook like Rod Paige to forever screw education policy #nochildlefteducated

We continue to enjoy….RT @jeffjarvis: My blog post about the saga of #fuckyouwashington, so far: http://bit.ly/o4gcIV

We’re going to take a break from populating the tag, but our sentiments remain. It’s time to free America from the soullessness of our corporate “persons.” Our government, whether it’s that of Paul Ryan or that Scott Walker, will remain in business of transferring of our tax dollars to unaccountable corporate interests at the expense of education, health care, seniors, students, neighborhoods and the needy — that is until we liberate this nation once and for all


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Scot Ross served as Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now & the Institute from 2007 to 2019.

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