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  • Taxpayers Likely Will Have to Pick Up Legal Bills in Twitter Case Between Liberal Group and GOP Lawmakers

    Taxpayers likely will have to pick up the legal fees of a liberal group that sued Republican lawmakers for blocking it on Twitter.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 05/21/2019
  • How Much Student Loan Debt Do Americans Have?

    According to a study from One Wisconsin Institute, it takes an average of 19.7 years to pay off a 4-year degree.

    WCCO-TV, 05/21/2019
  • Resistance Radio: May 20, 2019

    One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher appeared on WRRD-AM to discuss the student loan debt crisis.

    WRRD-AM, 05/20/2019
  • Double Dose of Disappointment For Student Loan Borrowers From Joint Committee on Finance

    Republican majority on the Joint Committee on Finance refused the opportunity to provide help to student loan borrowers today.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/16/2019
  • National Wave Legislators Trying to Take Health Care Decisions Away From Women Arrives in Wisconsin

    Taking health care choices away from women and their families is the publicly stated, ultimate goal of many of the legislators.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 05/15/2019
  • Supreme Court Conservatives Attack Lame-duck Arguments

    [One Wisconsin Institute] persuaded U.S. District Judge James Peterson ... to strike down the limits on early in-person voting.

    Associated Press, 05/15/2019
  • Lame-Duck Laws Debated in Wisconsin High Court

    In one of the suits, filed by One Wisconsin Institute [a judge] blocked early-voting limits contained in the lame-duck bills.

    Courthouse News Service, 05/15/2019
  • Republicans Refuse to Allow Votes on Budget Proposals to Help People Vote

    Republicans summed up their attitude toward democracy and voter rights today by refusing to even allow a vote on voter rights.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/14/2019
  • No Gifts For Mothers As Republican Legislature Undermines Women’s Health in Wisconsin

    ‘These Guys Need to Show Women the Respect We Deserve’

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/10/2019
  • The Choice for State Senators Patrick Testin and Dan Feyen: Koch Brothers and Republican Party Bosses Or a People’s Budget?

    While Powerful Interests Seek Budget Influence Legislators Can Still Choose to Vote to Help Constituents

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/10/2019
  • No Appreciation for Teachers From Republicans on Joint Committee on Finance

    Republicans are showing anything but appreciation as they seek to strip an important provision from Gov. Tony Evers’ budget.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/09/2019
  • Republican-Controlled State Budget Committee Poised to Blow Hole in Budget, Sink Hopes for Reforms

    Stripping proposals from Tony Evers' budget plan does more harm than just blowing an estimated $1.4 billion hole in the budget.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/08/2019
  • Outlawing All Abortion and Banning Birth Control: The Radical Agenda of State Legislators Pushing Dangerous New Restrictions on Women’s Health Care

    The ultimate goal of legislators sponsoring new restrictions on abortion is to take health care away from women.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/03/2019
  • Wisconsin Republicans Refusing to Help Student Loan Borrowers, Again

    GOP leadership in the state legislature released a memo announcing they are axing state budget proposal to help student loan borrowers.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/02/2019
  • Republicans Delaying State Budget Action Until After Fundraiser Hosted by Washington D.C. Lobbying Firm

    Legislative Republicans are delaying the start of their state budget deliberations until at least May 9.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/30/2019
  • Average UWM Student Debt Rose 194%

    Indeed Walker himself apparently faced this problem, as Analiese Eicher, Executive Director of ... One Wisconsin Now, points out.

    Urban Milwaukee, 04/30/2019
  • Trump Circus Comes to Town

    Politicians like Scott Walker, desperately seeking a ride to relevance in the Donald Trump clown car, are complicit in failure.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/26/2019
  • UNSPUN: April 24, 2019

    Tony Evers says Foxconn's promise to employ 13,000 people is "unrealistic," meanwhile the company insists it will uphold its promises.

    WMTV-TV, 04/25/2019
  • ICYMI: News Reports Reveal Foxconn Initiated Discussion on Possible Contract Changes

    Media reports, based on a letter released by Tony Evers, indicate Foxconn has approached the state seeking changes to an agreement.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/24/2019
  • Scott Walker Posts Picture of Himself in Jeans ‘In Support of Sexual Assault Victims, I’m Wearing Jeans on #DenimDay’

    Overall, [Scott] Walker’s record on policies impacting women is abysmal at best.

    Second Nexus, 04/24/2019
  • Scott Walker Wore Jeans for Sexual Assault Awareness, and Twitter Is Reminding Him of His Misogynist Past

    One Wisconsin Now, a progressive non-profit advocacy group, called him “one of, if not the, worst politician in America for women.”

    Daily Dot, 04/24/2019
  • Federal Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Student Voter ID Law

    In 2016, a federal court in Wisconsin struck down the requirement that college or university IDs be unexpired.

    Associated Press, 04/23/2019
  • Wisconsin Elections Board Sued Over Student ID Limits

    The ruling echoed Judge Peterson’s previous 2016 injunction he handed down after One Wisconsin Institute sued ... over voting laws.

    Courthouse News Service, 04/23/2019
  • Foxconn Initiated Steps to Change State Contract, Gov. Tony Evers Says

    Analiese Eicher, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, said Tuesday's disclosure made Republican lawmakers look bad.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 04/23/2019
  • Evers: Foxconn Deal With State May Need to Be ‘downsized’

    However, while Republicans were decrying Evers’ remarks, the progressive state group One Wisconsin Now welcomed them.

    Racine Journal, 04/18/2019
  • Gov. Tony Evers Calls for Renegotiation of Foxconn Deal

    Today, Gov. Tony Evers announced he will seek to modify the terms of a contract with Foxconn.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/17/2019
  • Gov. Tony Evers’ First 100 Days: Helping Hard-Working Wisconsinites and Listening to Their Concerns

    In the first 100 days, Tony Evers has focused on policies to help take on new economic challenges facing hard-working Wisconsinites.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/16/2019
  • One Year Ago: Robin Vos Traveling Companion Cliff Rosenberger Resigned Amid FBI Corruption Investigation

    Today marks an ignominious one year anniversary for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/12/2019
  • Schemes and Scandals of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Exposed on New Website

    To help Wisconsin better get to know the man using their money for his ends, One Wisconsin Now has unveiled a new site.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/11/2019
  • Wisconsin U.S. Representative Mark Pocan Re-Introduces Plan to Allow Federal Student Loan Debt Refinancing

    Borrowers who are currently repaying federal student loans would be able to refinance their loans with the federal government.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/10/2019
  • Support for Parts of Evers’ Education Budget Struggles in Poll, Conservative Group Says

    One Wisconsin Now said WILL isn't an organization producing unbiased information because they're ... a lobbying organization.

    Capital Times, 04/09/2019
  • New Court Filings Show Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Using Taxpayer Money to Dodge Questions About What He Did With Taxpayer Money

    Lawyers Argue Robin Vos Can’t Be Questioned Over His Schemes Using Public Resources to Protect His Own Political Power

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/05/2019
  • Koch Network and Christian Right Celebrate Apparent Hagedorn Victory in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

    One Wisconsin Now revealed that Hagedorn founded a school that prohibits anyone working there from being in a same-sex relationship.

    Center for Media and Democracy, 04/04/2019
  • Lame-duck Scorecard: Where the Cases Stand in the Fight Over GOP Laws Limiting Wisconsin Governor

    One Wisconsin Institute... asked U.S. District Judge James Peterson to enforce his earlier [early voting] decision.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 04/04/2019
  • UNSPUN: April 3, 2019

    The dust settled on Wednesday following the 2019 spring election. NBC15’s Leigh Mills sat down with two political analysts to discuss.

    WMTV-TV, 04/03/2019
  • Brian Hagedorn Declares Victory: What That Means for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Its Next Election

    "Whatever the outcome is, the electorate is going to be older, whiter and more conservative. That's just who shows up to these races."

    Capital Times, 04/03/2019
  • April 2 Is Pay Equity Day in Wisconsin

    Marking the day women would, on average, have to work until to equal the wage earned by a man in calendar year 2018.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/02/2019
  • No Joke: Record Early Voting in Spring 2019 Election

    Early and absentee voting in the April 2019 election has reached record levels for a non-presidential primary Spring election.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 04/01/2019
  • On the Take: Brian Hagedorn Personally Profited From Speeches to a Hate Group While a Sitting Judge

    Brian Hagedorn Refusing to Give a Straight Answer If He Would Sit on Cases Involving Hate Group Alliance Defending Freedom.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/29/2019
  • Brian Hagedorn Went to Bat to Protect Lead Paint Industry, Is His Campaign Benefitting From Their Support?

    People Who’ve Profited From Lead Paint Have Shown They’ll Spend Big Money to Support People Like Brian Hagedorn.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/28/2019
  • ‘I’m a Blue-collar Kid’: Brian Hagedorn Charted a Course to Dream Big and Make a Difference

    Joanna Beilman-Dulin ... has hammered Hagedorn over founding a school that has policies against gay relationships.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/28/2019
  • Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Plans Growth in Face of Democratic Administration

    “It’s a pretty dramatic expansion,” said Mike Browne of One Wisconsin Now — a liberal group that clashes frequently with WILL.

    Capital Times, 03/28/2019
  • Brian Hagedorn Spends Final Days of Supreme Court Campaign Stonewalling and Stalling

    Right-wing candidate Brian Hagedorn continues to stonewall on calls for him to disclose what he said in paid speeches to a hate group.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/27/2019
  • UNSPUN: March 27, 2019

    Analiese Eicher, the Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now stopped by NBC15 News at 5 for “Unspun.”

    WMTV-TV, 03/27/2019
  • Republican Group Airs New TV Ad Attacking Lisa Neubauer, Supporting Brian Hagedorn

    Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now ... has so far identified about $500,000 that Republicans have spent on broadcast television.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/27/2019
  • Janesville Students Meet With Gov. Evers for Project on State Governmental Issues

    The Madison Seminar scholars also met with ... Analiese Eicher, the executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    WISC-TV, 03/27/2019
  • Brian Hagedorn’s Homophobia Gets Support From Right-Wing Republican State Leadership Committee

    The spending of the RSLC on candidates like Hagedorn with unsavory, discriminatory views is fueled by similarly unsavory contributors.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/26/2019
  • Trump’s Twitter Habits Are Affecting How Local Politicians Behave Online

    A federal judge concluded three state representatives had violated the First Amendment by blocking One Wisconsin Now.

    Washington Post, 03/25/2019