Walker’s Budget Scheme: Undemocratic, Unbalanced, Potentially Unconstitutional


See OWN’s full release here.

Walker campaigned on cutting state spending on BadgerCare, he hired a budget director who has advocated states should opt out of the federal Medicaid program, and now he buries in the budget adjustment bill (after saying he wouldn’t put “policy” items into fiscal budget bills) a policy that would allow him to make substantial changes to BadgerCare without legislative approval. He could change eligibility, cut procedures covered, raise co-pays and fees, whatever he wants, to cut adults and children from receiving affordable health care.

He’s chasing jobs out of the state that don’t suit his social agenda or WMC cronies (high speed rail, wind energy, rural broadband), increasing our long-term debt to pay for tax cuts to his CEO campaign donors, and making unprecedented power grabs: taking over the rule-making process from the legislature, eliminating the rights of state workers, teachers and nurses to negotiate fair wages, benefits and terms of employment, and pushing legislators out of their role of determining who deserves adequate affordable health care in this state.

Oh, and lets not forget the money he’s spending to create new jobs in every agency for his political cronies. Does state government really need $3 million more in press secretaries and political attorneys?

If you’re as outraged as we are by Walker’s undemocratic and unhinged power grab, sign this petition, ask your friends to sign this petition, and call your state legislators pronto to urge them to vote No on Walker’s power grab.

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