WMC Swallowing Its Own Tail, Complaining About It


After decades of trying to spin outsourcing as good and natural in a capitalist economy, and after perpetually labeling Wisconsin a ‘€œTax Hell,’€ Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) is now complaining’€”and seems somewhat surprised’€”that our state government is employing more workers than manufacturers.Read the GOP talking points memo, er news release, here.

Of course WMC wants to do everything it can’€™t to make this fact 1) a bad thing, and 2) the fault of the current legislature. They fault the current Democratically-controlled legislature for, among other things, closing the Las Vegas Loophole and increasing taxes on Wisconsin’€™s top income earners as the cause for the ‘€œdangerous trend.’€ And not, mind you, the decades of conservative laissez-faire economic policies started by Reagan in 80s that continued throughout the 90s with the U.S. Congress and former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson, and that defined Bush’€™s administration in the 00s. No, instead WMC  faults corporate accountability measures taken within the last year as the catalyst of the trend.

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Cody currently oversees online communications, web development, and graphic design at One Wisconsin Now & the Institute, having served previously as Deputy Research Director.