WMC’s Road Show to Highlight Strategy for Buying State Supreme Court


If you’ve got a big fat corporate check to spare Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has an event for you!

Over the next couple weeks, the state’s big business lobby is going to be traveling around the state hosting member events to rally support and cash in its efforts to restore corporate fealty to the state Supreme Court once and for all.

So if you’re a business tycoon and you want to hear the long-winded whining of Rick Esenberg about why the state’s highest court should put the needs of big business profits ahead of the health and safety of the people of Wisconsin, then get yourself a strong cup of coffee and grab a ticket.

In the meantime, shame on us for leaving rich, corporations vulnerable and defenseless. How dare we.

# # #

Scot Ross served as Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now & the Institute from 2007 to 2019.