Crime & Public Safety

UNSPUN: August 14, 2019

Leigh Mills sits down with the analysts to discuss Hagedorn's admission into the Supreme Court and gun control. [WMTV-TV]

The NRA’s $740,000 Mistake about Tony Evers

The NRA not only doesn’t know how to pronounce the name of the Democratic candidate, but also doesn’t know that Wisconsinites support common sense gun safety.

Scott Walker is the NRA’s $4 Million Man

Scott Walker’s gun lobby pals are hitting the airwaves with a nearly $740,000 ad buy, pushing their support for his campaigns to $4.25 million since 2010.

Brad Schimel Soft on Crime?

To defend Schimel, the Washington DC-based Republican Attorneys General Association has run an ad with two sheriffs, from Brown and Eau Claire counties, defending Schimel’s record in handling the rape kit backlog. Yet as the liberal group One Wisconsin Now has reported, those two sheriffs also have a bad record, as their counties account for […] [Urban Milwaukee]

State Debate: Scott Walker’s photo with Russian spy has the bloggers talking

The liberal advocate One Wisconsin Now contends that it’s been Walker’s 25-year relationship with the National Rifle Association that opened the doors to the Russian accused of spying to get personal access to Walker when he was running for president. OWN calculated that the NRA has funneled $3.5 million into Walker’s campaign accounts during those […] [Capital Times]