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  • Davis-Vukmir Record for Milwaukee Public Schools: Tens of Millions of Dollars in Cuts

    MADISON, Wis. — A call for reform of Milwaukee Public Schools by Wisconsin Assembly Reps. Brett Davis (R-Monroe) and Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa), ignores recent anti-MPS votes by the duo, including the 2007-09...

    One Wisconsin Now, 12/10/2009
  • Walker Vetoed $200,000 in Funding for Underserved Youth Sports Authority

    “Holloway said the veto cutting funding for the youth sports authority is a mistake. ‘This will affect the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of kids in our community,’ he said. ‘This...

    Milwaukee Business News, 11/27/2009
  • Are MacIver, WPRI and AFP Ready for the Right Wing Toga Party?

    Two of Wisconsin’€™s leading right wing organizations are members the State Policy Network, a national group that helps organizations push out anti-public education information.

    Scot Ross, 10/30/2009
  • Chicken Little WISTAX Once Again Wrong About Falling Sky

    Fear-monger extraordinaire Todd Berrys conservative talking points are once again proven wrong by, you know, reality. Berry claimed in September of this year the repeal of the Qualified Economic Offer (QEO) in...

    Robert Doeckel, 10/19/2009
  • GAB Gums ACM

    The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has shown a total lack of teeth in its pathetic determination to fine All Children Matter a measly $500.

    Cody Oliphant, 10/05/2009
  • GAB Coddles All Children Matter With ‘Pathetic’ Wrist Slap

    MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board could be opening Wisconsin’s doors to an avalanche of future illegal campaign activity after settling for a miniscule fine of $500 from All Children...

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/01/2009
  • WISTAX Out to Scare Schools, Public

    The conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance issued a release yesterday regarding their recent report titled, ‘€œState budget woes mean school, taxpayer problems’€ that’€™ll probably scare the bejesus out of, well, schools and taxpayers.The...

    Cody Oliphant, 09/09/2009
  • Voucher Schools Finally Being Asked for Some Proof That They’re High Quality

    It appears that Howard Fuller’€™s transformation from wanting limited regulation of voucher schools to wanting, you know, voucher schools programs to be of high quality, is continuing, albeit at a slow march....

    Anna Landmark, 07/21/2009
  • Principles for Sale: ACU-FedEx, WIL-K12 Inc?

    The American Conservative Union (ACU) was put on the defensive this week after POLITICO revealed it attempted netting $3 million from FedEx in exchange for executing a huge campaign to support FedEx-friendly...

    Cody Oliphant, 07/21/2009
  • Is WMC, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Lock on the GOP Going to Stop Health Care Reform Again?

    As One Wisconsin Now showed at our comprehensive warehouse of information at, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has an ungodly lock on conservatives in the state legislature. In the 2005-2006 session, the...

    Scot Ross, 06/16/2009
  • We’re Looking for Work’ Town Meeting This Friday

    Here at OWN we got the following listing for an event for folks who have unfortunately lost their jobs in these tough times. Please pass the word around to your friends and...

    Robert Doeckel, 05/25/2009
  • Give Brett Davis $13,000, and He’ll Give You the World

    Career politicians really get my goat. Even worse is a career politician who makes his bones by selling out Wisconsin’€™s students to for-profit corporations in exchange for campaign contributions. Exhibit A: Brett...

    Robert Doeckel, 05/07/2009
  • More All Children Matter Cash for Rose Fernandez

    The fine individuals financing the racist, lawbreaking All Children Matter, who want to see our public education tax dollars go to private, for-profit companies, have dumped late cash into the Rose Fernandez...

    Scot Ross, 04/05/2009
  • MacIver: Questionable Study, Questionable Timing

    A joint study from the conservative MacIver Institute and the anti public school Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice makes the claim that high school dropouts are a burden to taxpayers of Wisconsin....

    Cody Oliphant, 04/02/2009
  • K12, Inc. Staff Supporting Fernandez Campaign

    MADISON, Wis. — Rose Fernandez, described in a recent newspaper article as “a nurse by training who has never held an education job,” received $1,350 in contributions from top personnel at the...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/30/2009
  • Fernandez, Koschnick Join the Conservative Circus

    There’€™s a huge rift in conservatism these days. On the one hand, you have a faction that looks back in dismay at three losing election cycles and is trying to retool their...

    Cody Oliphant, 03/08/2009
  • Jim Troupis: Know Your Republican MacIver Institute Board Member

    Now that the Republicans have opened the MacIver Institute, One Wisconsin Now thought it might be good for the media to have information on exactly who the leaders of this Republican operation are.

    Scot Ross, 03/05/2009
  • Details Network Involving Rose Fernandez, Private Education Advocates

    MADISON, Wis. — Rose Fernandez, former head of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual Schools Families, is part of a network involving lobbyists, non-profit organizations, elected officials and even the law-breaking All Children...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/03/2009
  • Push Poll About Milw. School Board President?

    Interesting item by Dan Bice today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel… Ready, fire, aim It’s still not clear who was behind a push poll against School Board President Peter Blewett. Blewett put...

    Robert Doeckel, 02/01/2009
  • UW-Hater-In-Chief Nass Finally Out As Chair of College & University Committee

    Finally, the UW just might have an actual advocate in the State Assembly. Rep. Kim Hixon, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor was appointed Tuesday to lead the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee....

    Robert Doeckel, 12/09/2008
  • Donors to Lawbreaking All Children Matter Dole Out $74,000 in Last Minute Contributions

    MADISON, Wis. — Donors to the lawbreaking All Children Matter have just made an unprecedented 146 last-minute legislative contributions totaling $79,725 to 33 Republicans and 4 Democrats over two weeks in mid-October....

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/31/2008
  • AllCashMatters — ACM Donors Pump $80K in Last Second Contribs

    Donors to the lawbreaking All Children Matter have just made an unprecedented 146 last-minute legislative contributions totaling $79,725 to 33 Republicans and 4 Democrats over two weeks in mid-October. These individuals, who...

    Scot Ross, 10/30/2008
  • Lawbreaking All Children Matter Continues Support for Towns

    MADISON, Wis. — Former State Rep. Debi Towns continues to receive the backing from an organization that supported her last-minute attempt as she left office in 2006 to help divert tax dollars...

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/26/2008
  • Shady All Children Matter Continues Support for Towns

    Former State Rep. Debi Towns continues to receive the backing from All Children Matter, an organization that remains under a legal cloud in Wisconsin after the State Elections Board determined in November...

    Cory Liebmann, 10/26/2008
  • Will Conservative Ads Also Target Ripp’s Support for Healthy Wisconsin?

    Two conservative groups trashing Democrat Trish O’Neil with an onslaught of inaccurate and racist ads have curiously ignored her Republican opponent, who told a video interviewer the plan was “great.”

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/21/2008
  • At the No More Cuts Rally

    I had the opportunity to join hundreds of people at the ‘€œNo More Cuts’€ rally at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) led the...

    Cory Liebmann, 10/14/2008
  • All Children Matter Long Overdue for a Penalty on 2006 Election Law Violations

    One Wisconsin Now is calling on the GAB to penalize All Children Matter for violating Wisconsin election laws in 2006.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/24/2008
  • All Children Matter Guilty, But Remains Unpenalized

    It’s time the Government Accountability Board to act on the recommendations of the former State Elections Board and penalize All Children Matter for violating Wisconsin election laws in 2006. The Election Board...

    Scot Ross, 09/24/2008
  • Minnesota Can Keep Pawlenty

    Stay home, Governor Pawlenty. That’s the plea from One Wisconsin Now (OWN), as Pawlenty travels to Stevens Point to serve as the keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Republican Convention on Friday.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/13/2008
  • McCain’s Education Plan: All Teachers Left Behind

    Sen. John McCain says “there is no equal opportunity without equal access to excellent education,” but this is just another example of the “Double Talk Express.”

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/05/2008
  • McCain Fails Lesson on Education Funding

    We already know that the recently announce economic plan by John McCain is going to be a boon for corporations and the most wealthy. We also know that his plan will do...

    Cory Liebmann, 04/17/2008
  • All Contributions Matter

    On Monday we drew attention to All Children Matter, the pro-private school vouchers group founded by a Michigan Republican billionaire. Specifically we pointed to a recent unanimous ruling by the Ohio Elections...

    Cory Liebmann, 04/07/2008
  • All Children Matter Contributors Have Given $130,000 to Wisconsin State Legislators

    Major donors to All Children Matter, the pro-private school voucher group under investigation by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, have donated nearly $130,000 to members of the Wisconsin Legislature.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/07/2008
  • All Election Laws Matter

    All Children Matter, a pro-private school vouchers group founded by a Michigan Republican billionaire was fined $5.2 million for illegally funneling money into Ohio campaigns. This is the same group that is...

    Cory Liebmann, 04/06/2008
  • All Children Matter Hit With $5.2 Million Fine for Illegally Funneling Campaign Money

    All Children Matter, the pro-private school vouchers group founded by Michigan Republican billionaire Richard DeVos was leveled with a $5.2 million fine Friday for illegally funneling money into Ohio campaigns.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/06/2008
  • Pedro Coln Sweeping Away the Cynics and Naysayers

    What can bring together the Milwaukee mayor, the DA, and virtually the entire City legislative caucus in a divisive election season? Pedro Cola³n running for City Attorney. Reads the Shepard-Express endorsement: (Mu)ltiple...

    Cory Liebmann, 03/27/2008
  • The Three Trillion Dollar War

    Later this afternoon, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the War in Iraq, national security and economic experts will reflect on the true cost of the war in a press...

    Cory Liebmann, 03/17/2008
  • Use Estate Tax Cut to Fill Budget Gap

    One Wisconsin Now has launched a statewide online petition drive calling for Wisconsin legislators to fill a projected $300 million budget shortfall not by slashing critical programs to the poor, elderly and...

    Cory Liebmann, 01/27/2008
  • Real Accountability for Virtual Schools

    Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel focused on State Senator John Lehman’s (D-Racine) plan regarding virtual schools in Wisconsin.  A major piece of his plan focuses on bringing some real accountability to virtual...

    Cory Liebmann, 01/17/2008
  • K12, Inc. Support for Davis Paying Off

    This is nothing more than school profiteering' where Wisconsin's limited public school dollars are being shipped to a for-profit company on the other side of the country.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/14/2008
  • Walker Longtime Proponent of Using Tax Dollars to Send Students to Private and Religious Schools

    He’s also been a staunch supporter of private and religious school choice, playing a key role last year in maintaining funding for the program, which provides taxpayer money for private education.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/29/2002
  • Walker Wanted Students in Milwaukee, One of the Most Segregated Cities in the US, to Stop Attending to Schools Outside of Their Neighborhood

    “For years, Milwaukee students have been bused to schools far from their homes and far from the support of their parents and neighbors.”

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 01/06/1998
  • Walker Worries About State Spending Too Much on Public Schools

    If we don’t do anything … our school costs will so overwhelm our budget that there won’t be anything left.”

    Wisconsin State Journal, 07/03/1997
  • Walker Wanted to Eliminate State Funding for Sex Education in Public Schools

    “I won’t shy away from the fact that it had appeal to myself and other conservative members who don’t believe we should fund this, but the broad appeal was financial.”

    Capital Times, 07/17/1995
  • Walker Sponsored Bill Capping Public School Spending

    The bill proposed making permanent a previously adopted cap on public school funding.

    1995 AB 6, 01/01/1995