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  • ‘People Want to Vote:’ Groups Ask Judge to Stop Law That Limits Early Voting From Taking Effect

    Along with One Wisconsin Institute and several individual plaintiffs filed a motion in court, asking a judge to stop the law from being enforced.

    WITI-TV, 12/17/2018
  • Wisconsin’s Early Voting Limit Challenged in Federal Court

    The same groups that sued in 2016 — One Wisconsin Institute and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund — went back to court Monday.

    Associated Press, 12/17/2018
  • Eric Holder-backed Group Sues Wisconsin Over Early-voting Limits

    One Wisconsin Institute, with the support of the National Redistricting Foundation, filed the motion.

    the Hill, 12/17/2018
  • Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Republicans’ Lame-Duck Cuts to Early Voting

    The lawsuit was filed by the National Redistricting Foundation... and One Wisconsin Institute.

    Mother Jones, 12/17/2018
  • Liberal Groups Ask Federal Judge to Quash Wisconsin’s New Early Voting Restrictions

    One Wisconsin Institute... successfully challenged a slew of state early voting restrictions in court in 2016. Now they seek to do so again.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 12/17/2018
  • Liberal Groups Ask Judge to Overturn Early Voting Limits Gov. Scott Walker Signed Last Week As Part of Lame-duck Legislation

    “The Wisconsin Republican attempts to rig the rules on voting were unconstitutional in 2016 and they’re unconstitutional today,” said a statement from Scot Ross.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/17/2018
  • One Wisconsin Now Files Motion Challenging Early Voting Law

    [One Wisconsin Institute] filed a motion Monday afternoon to challenge Gov. Scott Walker’s signature on a bill that limits early voting.

    WKOW-TV, 12/17/2018
  • Liberal Groups File Legal Challenge To Early Voting Restrictions Signed By Walker

    Citizen Action of Wisconsin and One Wisconsin Institute filed the motion with Judge James Peterson of the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Wisconsin. Both groups were involved in a...

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/17/2018
  • The Battle for Power in Wisconsin Seems Bound for Court. It’s Only Going to Get Uglier.

    “The Supreme Court has been there for Walker every step of the way,” said Scot Ross, the executive director of the One Wisconsin Institute, a liberal organization that along with Mr. Holder’s...

    New York Times, 12/15/2018
  • One Wisconsin Now to File Lawsuit Against Lame-duck Legislation

    [One Wisconsin Institute] will file a lawsuit to challenge the early voting provision that was signed into law on Friday.

    WKOW-TV, 12/15/2018
  • One Wisconsin Institute Announces Coming Legal Action Against GOP ‘Lame Duck’ Voting Rights Attacks

    This attack by Republicans in the legislature is not just unprecedented — it's undemocratic, it's unconstitutional, it's un-American.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 12/14/2018
  • Walker Signs Lame Duck Bills; Evers Says It Thwarts “will of the People”

    One Wisconsin Institute announced it's pursuing legal action against some of the legislation.

    WBAY-TV, 12/14/2018
  • ‘A Very Dark Day for Democracy’: Scott Walker Signs Wisconsin GOP’s ‘Legislative Coup’ Into Law

    In a statement on Thursday, the One Wisconsin Institute announced that it plans to take legal action against Walker for signing a bill that restricts early voting to no more than two weeks before an election.

    Common Dreams, 12/14/2018
  • Lame-duck Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Undercutting Incoming Democrat

    The organization that successfully challenged the previous incarnation, One Wisconsin Institute, said on Friday it will do so again.

    Reuters, 12/14/2018
  • Liberal Groups Move to Sue After Walker Signs Lame-duck Bills in Wisconsin

    One Wisconsin Institute... said Friday afternoon that lawsuits would be coming after Walker signed the bills.

    Politico, 12/14/2018
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Doesn’t Know How A Venn Diagram Works So People Went In On Twitter

    The National Redistricting Foundation... announced it will be supporting a local challenge to the new laws by [One Wisconsin Institute].

    Buzzfeed, 12/14/2018
  • Scott Walker Immediately Sued For Bill Stripping Democrats’ Power

    [One Wisconsin Institute], with the backing of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, is suing Walker over the new laws.

    PoliticusUSA, 12/14/2018
  • After Losing, Wisconsin Republicans Are Trying to Subvert Democracy. They Will Fail.

    The request for this early voting crackdown was made by Robin Vos’ office a mere eight days after the election.

    In These Times, 12/13/2018
  • Lame-duck Limits on Early Voting – and the Arguments for Them – Resemble Ones Already Rejected by a Judge

    The lawsuit that resulted in the earlier limits being struck down was brought by two liberal groups.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/12/2018
  • Courts Likely to Strike Down Republican Lame-duck Power Grabs, Experts Say

    A 2011 lawsuit filed by One Wisconsin [Institute] resulted in a federal judge striking down Wisconsin Republicans’ attempts to suppress the vote.

    the Guardian, 12/11/2018
  • Tony Evers ‘not Particularly Encouraged’ by Chat With Scott Walker on Vetoing GOP Lame-duck Bills

    Scot Ros told Gousha that Republicans are "attacking early voting" and defying the judge's order in the 2016 case.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 12/10/2018
  • Opponents Look at Legal Options As They Await Scott Walker’s Actions on Lame-duck Bills

    One Wisconsin Institute has signaled it may rekindle its legal fight against the early voting restrictions.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 12/09/2018
  • Lame-duck Session: Early Voting Limits Sow Confusion in Advance of February Election

    The attorney for the organization that filed the lawsuit, One Wisconsin Institute, has vowed to challenge the latest restriction.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/06/2018
  • Capitol “coup”

    One Wisconsin Institute is considering challenging the new early voting restrictions.

    Isthmus, 12/05/2018
  • Josh Kaul, Tony Evers Slam Lame-duck Session

    Josh Kaul is warning Republican efforts to strip some of his authority are likely to embroil Wisconsin in a legal battle.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 12/03/2018
  • Incoming Attorney General Slams GOP Plan to Curb His Powers, Says It Subverts Democracy

    Over the weekend, an attorney for the liberal group One Wisconsin Institute said it would bring a legal challenge to the limit on early voting if it passes. The group successfully struck down a similar limit in 2016.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/03/2018
  • 5 Things Wisconsin Republicans Want To Do Last-Minute

    A federal lawsuit, One Wisconsin Institute, et. al. v. Thomsen, resulted in their efforts being struck down.

    Patch, 12/03/2018
  • Changes to Early Voting, Wisconsin Presidential Primary Would Cost Taxpayers Millions Under GOP Plan

    Democratic attorneys Marc Elias and Bruce Spiva have promised to bring a legal challenge to the early voting limit if it passes.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/03/2018
  • Testimony on Assembly Bills 1071, LRB 6077 and Other Legislation Including Efforts to Restrict Early Voting

    Today we are asking that you reject the proposals contained in these bills to reinstate unnecessary and unconstitutional limits on early voting.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 12/03/2018
  • After Raucous Hearing, Bills To Restrict Early Voting, Curtail Evers’ Powers Move To Full Legislature

    A lawyer for the liberal One Wisconsin Institute warned against the provision of the bill that restricts early voting, saying it would be challenged in court.

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/03/2018
  • GOP Lawmakers Seek Sweeping New Restrictions on Incoming Democratic Attorney General

    Scot Ross who is currently involved in a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s voting requirements, chastised the proposal.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 12/01/2018
  • Lawsuit Looms Over Proposed Limit to Early Voting in Wisconsin

    Elias represented an affiliate of One Wisconsin Now in the case that resulted in the 2016 decision striking down previous limits to early voting.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/01/2018