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His unceasing work for racial and social justice is not just inspirational but more necessary than ever.

A judge has delivered an opinion in favor of One Wisconsin Now in their lawsuit over being blocked from the government Twitter accounts.

It's time for Robin Vos and the GOP to accept the court’s decisive and unmistakable ruling and cease their attacks on voting rights.

According to campaign finance records Michael White is recorded as having donated $20,000 to Hagedorn’s campaign.

This ruling reminds our elected officials that when they create a public forum, they can’t silence people with whom they disagree.

For 2019 Republican Speaker of the State Assembly Robin “Boss” Vos will have a million dollar staff, literally.

‘Attempts to Rig the Rules on Voting and Suppress Legal Voters Were Unconstitutional in 2016 and They Remain Unconstitutional Today’

If Republicans want to make bipartisan progress on a critical issue, helping student loan borrowers is a common sense solution.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross on the inauguration.

Robin Vos has shown he doesn’t like leaks in either his professional or private life, based on recent media reports and public records.

Republicans have time and again sought to rig the rules on voting to give themselves an unfair advantage.

This attack by Republicans in the legislature is not just unprecedented — it's undemocratic, it's unconstitutional, it's un-American.

While Wisconsin slept last night, Republicans worked behind closed doors on schemes to reject the results of the November 2018 midterm elections.

Republicans in the legislature are rejecting the results of the 2018 elections they lost and actively undermining the orderly transition of power.

A federal court ruling in the voting rights case struck down racially-motivated restrictions on early voting imposed by Wisconsin Republicans.

Robin Vos and his fellow Republicans are playing with legal fire as they keep trying to rig the rules on voting to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Scot Ross released the following statements and information on reported attacks on early voting planned by Republicans in their lame duck legislative session.

This Republican gang has shown time and again they have no shame when it comes to rigging the rules to give themselves an unfair partisan advantage.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements about career politician Paul Ryan’s farewell media tour.

We and our legal counsel will be vigilant in monitoring what the Republicans attempt to do with state laws on voting in this lame duck session.

Voters turned out in record numbers and they handed a mandate to the Democrats who swept every statewide race on the ballot.

Republicans appear to have settled on an explanation for why they lost every statewide race on the ballot in the November 6 elections: Too many voters voted.

It’s outrageous that Republicans in the legislature are trying to put state taxpayers on the hook for $100 million or more for a corporation.

Robin Vos was not elected Governor. He does not have a mandate from the people of Wisconsin for his brand of extreme partisanship.

Republicans leading Wisconsin state government have sat silently and refused to stand up to Trump and denounce his racism, xenophobia and sexism.

Wisconsin voters turned out in record numbers for the 2018 midterm election sending the clear message that voters vote, when given the opportunity to vote.

Robin Vos hit a foul note suggesting just the opposite with a call for a right-wing power grab in a lame duck session, before Democrats take the offices.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the victory of Attorney General-Elect Josh Kaul.

Scott Walker will say and do anything to try and win an election, but the voters have spoken and Scott Walker must accept the will of the people.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross and Program Director Analiese Eicher will be providing election night analysis.

He was kind, warm and never without a broad smile for his friends. All our thoughts and love go out to Phil’s family, friends and colleagues.

In September 2018 Scott Walker charged Wisconsin taxpayers over $6,500 to fly from Madison to Milwaukee to Omaha, Nebraska and back to Madison.

After setting early absentee voting records in 2016, Wisconsin voters are again setting records with early absentee voting in 2018.

New flight records released late Friday by Scott Walker to One Wisconsin Now reveal Walker again broke the law with his use of the state airplane.

A report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveals Scott Walker’s administration approved professional licenses to pedophile priests for the last eight years.

Brad Schimel along with Scott Walker and Republican legislative majorities have failed on the issues important to 'Blue Wave' organizations and supporters.

A report found Scott Walker’s haul of $11.5 million from donors not living in Wisconsin through early October led the nation for out-of-state contributions.

Eric Trump will be flying in to Wisconsin today as Republicans experience electoral turbulence across the country and here in state.

*Unless You’re a Woman, Person of Color, Migrant Family, Student or Sex Assault Survivor

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross suggested Attorney General Brad Schimel could dress up as Scott Walker for Halloween.

According to media reports, now that Brad Schimel is the subject of campaign ads noting his failures, he is trying to get the spots taken off the air.

One Wisconsin Now today urged Wisconsinites outraged by Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Brad Schimel to do one thing today in response to Trump’s visit — vote.

Scott Walker won’t be the only racist, sexist politician on stage at a campaign rally at the Mosinee airport tomorrow, joining him will be Donald Trump.

In July 2018 Scott Walker broke the state law prohibiting politicians from using taxpayer resources to benefit their campaigns.

What we know is that Scott Walker will do or say anything to try to win an election, and I’m happy to be able to help separate fact from his fictions.

The beltline in Madison can be tough commute and Scott Walker has shown time and again he has no shame when it comes to taking to the air at taxpayer expense.

Scott Walker hasn’t cared about pre-existing conditions until the issue threatened the health of his political ambitions.