the Scott Walker Failure Files

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  • Walker’s Wild Train Attack Runs Off the Rails

    Scott Walker’s blast at Tom Barrett and Jim Doyle over the award of a train contract that is bringing jobs to Milwaukee is hysterical in both senses of the word. Walker’s way-over-the-top...

    Bill Christofferson, 03/16/2010
  • Walker’s Talgo ‘Outrage’ Paved With $150,000 in GOP Contributions From Super Steel Owner

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s criticism related to the Talgo company comes just two weeks after the company owned by a top Walker campaign donor and finance co-chair of...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/16/2010
  • Walker Recycles Gimmick AND Failed Economic Policies

    The latest development in the ‘€˜Brown Bag’€™ gimmick has emerged (again) as it has become clear that Scott Walker’€™s economic plan (bailing out corporations and the already-wealthy) isn’€™t the thing he’€™s willing...

    Cody Oliphant, 03/16/2010
  • Right-Wing Ridiculousness Round-Up

    Over the weekend we heard about Scott Walker’€™s $24,500 ‘€œBrown Bag,’€ Rebecca Kleefisch’€™s plan to cut gov’€™t waste by creating more gov’€™t, and the Sean Duffy camp kerfuffle at a Wisconsin TEA...

    Cody Oliphant, 03/14/2010
  • Separate but Equal, Presumably

    Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker wants to split Milwaukee Public Schools into 10 to 12 smaller, autonomous school districts, the news media report. Swell idea. There could be eight African American districts,...

    Bill Christofferson, 03/14/2010
  • Some Questions for Our Friend Scott

    When Steve Walters was reporting for the Journal Sentinel’s Madison bureau, a lot of Democrats thought he just put Tommy Thompson’s news releases — or Jim Klauser’s memos — right in the...

    Bill Christofferson, 03/08/2010
  • Walker Promises More Private Pools

    Good news, Wisconsin taxpayers. There are more swimming pools in your future. Look for one in a backyard near you — but not at the park. Campaign press release: Scott Walker, Milwaukee...

    Bill Christofferson, 03/03/2010
  • Your State Pension Under Attack

    A great retort from AFSCME’s Marty Biel about WPRI’s attack on the state pension system that their president, George Lightbourn, a 20-year public employee himself who managed and now receives benefits from...

    Anna Landmark, 03/01/2010
  • Walker Claim Check: ‘250,000 New Jobs’ Would End Wisconsin Unemployment, Cut Rate to 0.03 Percent

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is claiming he will create “250,000 jobs” in Wisconsin, which if done would essentially reduce the unemployment rate to zero. The lowest recorded unemployment...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/23/2010
  • Will $2 Billion Buy Walker a Standing Ovation From WMC?

    MADISON, Wis. — At Tuesday’s Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce lobbying luncheon Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker will likely find support from the corporate lobby for his $2-billion, budget-busting, deficit-doubling plan for tax...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/22/2010
  • CEOs Put Down the Champagne and Caviar to Cheer Walker’s Corporate Welfare Plan

    If theres one thing new Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce board chair Tom Howatt and his corporate cronies at WMC enjoy more than anything, its a big ole handout from the government. Take...

    Robert Doeckel, 02/22/2010
  • Anti-Recovery Walkers Highway to the Road Builders Paved With Hypocrisy

    Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has been was as virulent against the Recovery Act funds for Wisconsin as the dopey ex-Governor of Alaska was about her state’€™s share. You know who hasn’€™t...

    Scot Ross, 02/18/2010
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on the Success, Anniversary of the Recovery Act

    MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now released the following statements from Executive Director Scot Ross on the one-year anniversary of the successful America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). ARRA has provided $2.76...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/16/2010
  • Walker’s Transit Record: The Road to Failure

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s call for Wisconsin to reject federal Recovery Act funds for critical job creation and railway infrastructure needs reflects Walker’s long-time failure on transit issues,...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/15/2010
  • Walker Stimulated by Recovery Act Railroad Advocate

    With rail on the mind as Joint Finance meets today to discuss establishing a high-speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee, this seems to be an appropriate time to point out that...

    Cody Oliphant, 02/15/2010
  • Will New WMC Head Thank Democrats for $2.6 Million in Funds, Decade-Best Earnings?

    MADISON, Wis. — Newly-minted Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce chair Thomas Howatt, Chief Executive Officer of Wausau Paper Corporation, has yet to issue public thanks to Democrats controlling the state legislature and the...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/14/2010
  • WISTAX Watch Alert: Coincidence WISTAX Report Targets Cities, Not Counties?

    One Wisconsin Now’s WISTAX Watch is asking the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance to explain why its latest report focusing on fee increases in cities and villages ignores county governments.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/14/2010
  • Walker Takes $120,000 From Health Industry, Opposes End to Health Insurance Stranglehold

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has strongly opposed measures to provide more Wisconsin children, pregnant mothers and uninsured adults have affordable health care, at the same time taking more...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/03/2010
  • Walker’s Plan for State’s $2 Billion Deficit: ‘Let’s Make It $4 Billion’

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker wants to double Wisconsin’s projected $2-billion state budget deficit with a series of tax breaks that mostly benefit corporations and high-income people. The Legislative...

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/25/2010
  • State of Shock: Milwaukee County’s Suffering Under Scott Walker’s Failed Leadership

    MADISON, Wis. — If Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is interested in providing an honest assessment in his 2010 “state of the county” address, it will be a long apology to the...

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/11/2010
  • Walker Spending Increase Eclipsed Doyle, Barrett

    MADISON, Wis. — As Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker proposed budgets to increase spending 35 percent, far ahead of the more modest spending plans of Gov. Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom...

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/10/2010
  • Walker’s Legislative Budget Record: Five Budgets, 84% Spending Hike

    Scott Walker voted for five straight state budgets, which increased state budget spending from $26.6 billion to nearly $49 billion, an increase of $22 billion - or 84 percent.

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/16/2009
  • Scott Walker Still Hates Gays

    One might ask Walker to join the 21st century or stop taking benefits on the government teat. Ask him loudly, in fact. Again, Walker if Milwaukee can give your family health care...

    Scot Ross, 11/05/2009
  • Why Would Walker Want to End Children’s BadgerCare Safety Net?

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s recent call for limits on critical BadgerCare health benefits for low-income or displaced workers and repeated criticism of state spending raises concerns he may...

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/01/2009
  • Coalition of Black Trade Unions: Scott Walker Attacks People of Color — Again

    A must-read release from CBTU: The Coalition of Black Trade Unions (CBTU) are outraged by County Executive Scott Walker’s budget he has submitted to the County Board .  He is proposing the...

    Scot Ross, 10/12/2009
  • Over $172,000 in Scott Walker Contributions Violate Campaign Finance Reporting Laws

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign failed to report the required employer information of top donors who gave him over $172,000 – a violation affecting one of every...

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/10/2009
  • Scott Walker, Flaming Liberal Baptist???

    Remember the lesson we learned in the 2008 presidential campaign? If your pastor says something and you don’t condemn it, it’s like you said it. Given that, you’ll be surprised to learn...

    Bill Christofferson, 07/28/2009
  • Gov. Doyle Give Scott Walker a Lesson in Leadership During a Recession

    Last week, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker proposed a series of devastating cuts that unfairly target the most vulnerable in Milwaukee County. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Walker’€™s budget would cut $2.4...

    Robert Doeckel, 07/21/2009
  • Scott Walker Turns His Back on Elderly, Disabled, At-risk Youth, Homeless

    Scott Walker has declared war on the people of Milwaukee. How else can you describe the destructive and irresponsible cuts proposed by Scott Walker that target those most in need made public...

    Robert Doeckel, 07/15/2009
  • Scott Walker Website: ‘What I Hate About Doyle’

    Anyone saddened by the coarse tenor to which much public discourse has devolved would see Scott Walker’s website as a nadir in our plummeting standards. Sadly, as this screen capture from Wednesday...

    Scot Ross, 07/14/2009
  • Leading Republicans to Wisconsin: ‘Yes We Can’t!’

    Wisconsin Republican officials are responding to bipartisan overtures at the state and federal level by Democratic leaders by summarily rejecting efforts to create jobs, invest in infrastructure, reform health insurance and tackle the $5.4 billion deficit.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/22/2009
  • Scott Walker Knows Better Than the Women Folk

    Hey Scott, Thanks so much for explaining to me what’€™s wrong with Milwaukee County in your latest mailer. You know the one I’€™m talking about, with the little blond girl on the...

    Scot Ross, 03/27/2008