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  • Sen. Warren Announces New Student Loan Debt Refinancing Bill

    Allowing for the refinancing of student loans is a common sense, pro-consumer solution to help 40 million Americans with over $1.2 trillion in debt.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/06/2014
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Others Praise Voter ID Ruling

    On the One Wisconsin Now blog, Scot Ross writes that the bill pending in Congress to address the student loan debt crisis is a help, but far from being a solution to the now $1.2 trillion problem.

    Capital Times, 04/30/2014
  • How a Weak Housing Market Is Weighing on the Economic Recovery

    The trillion dollar student loan debt is not just a crisis for students. It is literally standing between college graduates and their share of the American dream and a more robust economic recovery both nationally and, as shown by our research, in Wisconsin.

    Capital Times, 04/28/2014
  • $1T Day Anniversary No Cause for Celebration

    The two-year anniversary of student loan debt hitting $1 trillion in the U.S. ought to be a clarion call to action. If we allow this crisis to continue to grow unchecked it will most certainly become a full-blown economic catastrophe.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/25/2014
  • Worst. Anniversary. Ever.

    It is past time for all of our leaders to lead on addressing student loan debt. They have over one trillion reasons to do so.

    Jenni Dye, 04/24/2014
  • Town Hall Meeting Deals With Issue of Student Debt

    Now a freshman at the University at the Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Boggs said he knows that the cost of higher education is a major factor for students. On Tuesday, he took part in...

    Stevens Point Journal, 04/23/2014
  • Story on Student Loan Debt Sparks Questions

    The One Wisconsin survey found that the average monthly loan payment for respondents of all educational attainment — some college but no degree through graduate degree — was $388 a month. The...

    Capital Times, 04/17/2014
  • Tuition Freeze ‘unsustainable’ Solution to College Affordability

    The One Wisconsin [Institute] survey found that the average monthly loan payment for respondents of all educational attainment was $388 a month.

    Capital Times, 04/17/2014
  • Gov. Walker’s Tax Day Record: Failure on $80 Million ‘Higher Ed, Lower Debt’ Tax Relief Plan

    One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross railed against Walker for “his stunning lack of leadership” related to the stalled Higher Ed, Lower Debt student loan relief bill.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/15/2014
  • Scott Walker Should Get Behind Higher Ed, Lower Debt Bill

    If Gov. Scott Walker really wants to help Wisconsin families with higher education expenses, he should support reforms on student loan debt instead of grabbing headlines about another tuition freeze at the...

    Capital Times, 04/12/2014
  • One Big National Crisis, Two Different Approaches From Wisconsin Congressional Representatives

    The $1.2 trillion student loan debt crisis has drawn wildly divergent responses from two Wisconsin Congressional Representatives, according to One Wisconsin Now.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/02/2014
  • Burke Plan: Is Relief in Sight for Student Loan Borrowers in Wisconsin?

    Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has included key provisions of the Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act in her “Invest for Success” jobs plan released today.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/30/2014
  • Wisconsin Republicans Add Hypocrisy to Early Vote Plan, Target Minorities, Seniors, Students and Persons With Disabilities With New Restrictions

    It seems that Republicans are all for equal access to the franchise, just so long as that voter is a likely Republican.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/17/2014
  • Can Outrage Over Student Loans Create a Political Bloc?

    This morning Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is kicking off “Higher Ed Not Debt,” a new coalition of progressive groups looking to turn the widespread frustration over student debt into a full-fledged political force. In...

    Business Week, 03/12/2014
  • Is Student Debt, Not Slacker Lifestyle, Why Millennials Don’t Buy Real Estate?

    One Wisconsin Institute recently released a report on the economic impact of student loan debt, finding that middle class households with student loan debt are overwhelmingly more likely to rent than to own a home.

    Capital Times, 03/10/2014
  • National Coalition Seeks Solutions to $1.2 Trillion Student Loan Debt Crisis and to Restore Fairness for Borrowers

    A new national coalition, Higher Ed Not Debt, is bringing advocates and borrowers together in a campaign to restore fairness to a student loan system gone horribly awry.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/06/2014
  • Plain Talk: Student Debt Becomes a Drag on the Economy

    Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now has been pointing out for years that as a nation we need to find a way to solve the incredible student loan debt crisis that grips our society.

    Capital Times, 03/03/2014
  • Potential Signs of Economic Decline

    The impact of student debt has translated into over $6 billion in losses for automotive sales every year, based on a report by One Wisconsin Institute, an organization involved in fixing the student debt crisis.

    Coyote Chronicle, 02/26/2014
  • Students Deserve Tuition Break

    The average debt per student in Wisconsin is nearly $25,000… That’s the 15th highest rate in the nation, and 67 percent of graduating students in the state will have some form of debt.

    Fourth Estate, 02/26/2014
  • Borrowers, Students, Experts and Legislators Call for Action on Student Loan Debt Crisis

    Experts and legislators provided testimony to the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee on Monday in support of Assembly Bill 498, the Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/11/2014
  • Momentum Builds for Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act As State Assembly Schedules Committee Hearing

    There are hundreds of thousands of borrowers with student debt in Wisconsin. They've done the right thing, working hard to get their education or job training and taking on the personal responsibility.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/06/2014
  • Senate Committee Hears From Experts and Borrowers on Student Loan Debt Crisis

    A standing room only crowd packed the room to share their stories and call for action on the student loan debt crisis at today’s Senate committee hearing on the Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act, Senate Bill 376.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/05/2014
  • ‘Higher Ed, Lower Debt’ Student Loan Bill Set for Hearing

    Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Institute, noted that some steps have been taken to undo the damage of law changes adopted in the mid and late 1990s

    Capital Times, 02/03/2014
  • LETTER: Alleviate Student Loans, Show Support for Higher Ed, Lower Debt

    Research from One Wisconsin shows individuals who owe on student loans are less likely to purchase new cars and are more likely to rent instead of buy.

    Badger Herald, 02/03/2014
  • Higher Ed, Lower Debt Act to Receive Public Hearing in State Senate Universities and Technical Colleges Committee

    An innovative state solution to help tackle the $1.2 trillion student loan debt crisis will take a first step forward toward becoming a reality in Wisconsin with a public hearing before the Senate Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/31/2014
  • EDITORIAL: Refinancing Student Loans Should Really Be a No-brainer

    In this case, there is no reason Wisconsinites should not be able to refinance loans. We would much rather see those same residents buying a new car or dining Downtown.

    Racine Journal Times, 01/30/2014
  • Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Crisis Keep American Dream From Becoming a Reality

    In his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama spoke to the need for greater access and affordability in higher education and job training.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/28/2014
  • Wisconsin Student Calls for Action on $1.2 Trillion Higher Ed Debt Crisis in Advance of President Obama’s State of the Union

    On Tuesday, President Obama goes before Congress and the nation to announce his priorities for the upcoming year and give an update on the state of our union.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/28/2014
  • The State of the Finances of Student Loan Borrowers: In Crisis

    The state of the finances of nearly 40 million Americans with an estimated $1.2 trillion in student loan debt is in crisis, according to One Wisconsin Now's Executive Director Scot Ross.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/28/2014
  • One Wisconsin Contributor Talks Student Debt to Huffington Post

    A Wisconsin student calls for action on the higher ed debt crisis. HuffPost Live goes on campus to speak with two students fighting for change.

    Huffington Post, 01/28/2014
  • State of the State: Missed Opportunity

    If we don't act we risk higher education at a university or job training at a technical college become nothing more than a multi-decade debt sentence instead of the path to the middle class.

    Scot Ross, 01/24/2014
  • 10 Fun Facts About the Student Debt Crisis

    According to a report by the One Wisconsin Institute, the impact of student debt translates into over $6 billion in lost automotive sales each year. General Motors is also taking note.

    Huffington Post, 01/22/2014