Fernandez, Koschnick join the conservative circus

There’€™s a huge rift in conservatism these days. On the one hand, you have a faction that looks back in dismay at three losing election cycles and is trying to retool their message in hope for a better outcome in the future. On the other hand, you have a faction too stubborn to abandon their […]

Say Hi to Fernandez and Koschnick at Right Wing Free for All

Last week, One Wisconsin Now pointed out how the non, non-ideological Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and its long-time face Todd Berry can be found this coming weekend speaking to the right-wing freakfest that is the Americans for Petroleum, er… Americans for Prosperity event in Milwaukee. A who’s who of state Republican electeds will be on hand […]

You know who really grinds my gears? Steve Nass.

You may have seen this story last week in the Wisconsin State Journal about a four-way jabfest between One Wisconsin Now, Mark Pocan, Nass, and the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (Leah Vukmir took a swing too, but her press release was so ridiculous nobody really took it serious). The rundown is basically as follows: OWN called […]

Americans for ‘Petroleum’ Real Message: ‘Don’t Tax Big Oil’s Billions in Profits’

MADISON, Wis. — Complaints by the Big Oil-funded American for Prosperity about taxes are a smokescreen to prevent Wisconsin lawmakers from enacting a windfall tax on the excessive profits gained by the oil industry by gouging consumers with record-setting gas prices. “Americans for Prosperity is one arm of a concerted effort to convince us that […]

RPW’€™s Preibus Calling Todd Berry a Liar?

Reince Preibus must not have gotten the memo about the over $288,000 the board members over at the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance have donated to his Republican and conservative pals. Otherwise, he’€™d be using President Todd Berry’€™s talking point about the state finances not being as bad as the $5 billion-plus deficit everyone else understands as […]

Provide Balance to the Conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance

$288,460.50 That’€™s the amount of money the listed members of the board of directors at the oft-called non-partisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance have donated to Republicans and conservative candidates since 1991.    Did they donate to Democrats and liberals? Yes. A whopping $25,475. To sum: 92% to conservatives. Eight percent to liberals. They’re welcome to do that. […]

Nass Winning Jihad Against UW

Rep. Steve Nass has won. A report by the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says Wisconsin had the lowest increase in higher education funding of any state in the country over the past five years — save for Michigan, which actually cut higher education. Thanks, John Gard. Thanks Mike Huebsch. Putting Steve Nass in charge of […]

Things WMC won’t tell you — or MJS, either

You undoubtedly know that Wisconsin ranks high among the 50 states in how much taxes its citizens pay. The media have been reporting it for years, and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and their Republican friends have made it an article of faith and a perennial campaign issue, blaming Democrats even when Republican spending was to […]

Since When is $100 Million Chump Change?

To most people in the world $100 million is an unimaginable amount of money. Apparently that is not the case when you are a right wing ideologue looking to short change programs for the needy. In today’s Capital Times story, about OWN’s petition on the estate tax, Todd Berry of Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance gives us […]

Cap Times Profiles One Wis. Now Petition on Estate Tax

Today the Capital Times ran a story, in its business section, highlighting OWN’s efforts on the estate tax. Legislators allowed the estate tax to expire at the end of last year costing Wisconsin some $300 million over three years. At the same time, conservatives are looking to bridge a $300 million gap in the budget […]