Blogger Falls for Van Hollen’s Flip-flop on Domestic Partners


Owen Robinson from Boots & Sabers was on WPR’s Week in Review to defend JB Van Hollen’s refusal to represent the state in its efforts to extend basic legal protections, such as hospital visitation rights, to domestic partners in Wisconsin.Robinson basically reiterated the point Van Hollen made in his letter to Gov. Doyle that the new legal status is ‘€œsubstantially similar to traditional marriage.’€

As OWN pointed out late last week, this is total horse apples given that:

1. This is the opposite of what Van Hollen asserted during the campaign.
2. This is another example of Van Hollen politicizing the Department of Justice.
3. Hiring outside counsel to defend the state will be costly to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.
4. The non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Council previously opined that the marriage amendment would not preclude the state from creating domestic partner protections.

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