“Business Owner” in Latest Walker Ad Thrived During Doyle Administration

An MMAC Vice Chair featured in a new Scott Walker ad claimed in an article his business grew from '$400,000 in Revenue in 2002 to $5.6 Million in 2007'

chris business owner from scott walker ad

The “business owner” featured in the latest Scott Walker television ad saw his business grow 1,300 percent during the administration of Gov. Jim Doyle, according to a self-professed claim in the Business Times from 2008. The business owner is actually a vice chair at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, which donated $400,000 in 2010 to the Republican Governors Association to elect Walker.

“Given this business owner boasted his business revenues grew by 1,300 percent under the pro-growth policies of Gov. Jim Doyle, it seems curious he would support Scott Walker’s radical policies which have left us far behind all our neighboring states in job growth,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “It must just be the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce continuing to be a partisan shill for anti-middle class Republicans like Walker.”

One Wisconsin Now confirmed the business owner in the latest Walker ad is a $4,500 donor to Walker’s 2010 campaign – after being a former $1,000 contributor to Mark Green, who forced Walker out of the Republican gubernatorial primary in 2006.

“If Scott Walker wants to show that his way is working, he needs to show a small business owner who actually created jobs in Wisconsin as result of his nearly $2 billion in new corporate tax breaks,” said Ross. “But then again, those appear to be few and far between when it comes to Scott Walker failing the people of Wisconsin.”

In Walker’s latest ad, the business owner talks about how his business has offices in other states. Walker changed the state’s combined reporting law so that businesses in Wisconsin could write off losses in other states prior to 2009 at an annual cost of $40 million to taxpayers.

One Wisconsin Now is specifically not publicizing the name of the business owner featured in Walker’s ad, but will provide confirmation to the media upon request.

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