Joe Leibham Throws Tantrum Over Nearly Error-free Elctions


Joe Leibham, State Senator from Sheyboygan just won’€™t stop trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters with his hair-brained voter ID scheme. Even as a new audit of the April 1 election found ‘€œnearly error-free voting,’€ Joe ‘€œStill Can’€™t Prove a Voter Fraud Case’€ Leibham keeps up the voter ID rhetoric.

‘€œI still think there are people getting around those processes,’€ Leibham childishly retorted when asked about the April election. I once again call on Sen. Leibham to produce one incidence of voter fraud that would have been prevented by his ‘€œvoter ID’€ scheme. I don’€™t expect an answer. Then again, I don’€™t expect him to end his crusade to stop a problem that doesn’€™t exist either. I guess that’€™s the difference between the truth and a Leibham.

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