Romney-Ryan Jobs Pledge: ‘Ours Is Smaller’

While Romney and Ryan are promising fewer jobs than Walker, they'€™re pushing the same failed policies.

scott walker paul ryan ours is smaller

Following the age-old political adage that setting the bar low enough helps one achieve success, the Republican presidential campaign of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is promising in a new television ad to create fewer jobs over an unspecified time span than the 250,000 jobs over four year vow on which Governor Scott Walker is currently failing to deliver.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Scott Walker promised he’d create 250,000 jobs in four years but his agenda of massive tax giveaways for the wealthy and corporations coupled with record cuts to public education and less health care for Wisconsin families led to one of the worst records on jobs in the country. While Romney and Ryan are promising fewer jobs, they’re pushing the same failed policies.”

Walker as Governor advanced a legislative agenda doling out $2.3 billion in tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporations over the next ten years while enacting record cuts to public education and slashing $500 million from health care funding for Wisconsin families.

The results have been lackluster. Wisconsin ranks among the bottom ten states in job creation since Walker took office and he is falling far short of attaining his jobs promise. Even based on the most optimistic jobs numbers produced by the Walker administration itself, barely 10% of the jobs he said he would create have been created despite being roughly 40% through his term.

The Romney-Ryan ticket has been unable or unwilling to provide much detail to their economic agenda but generally are supporting tax policies that, according to nonpartisan analysis, would cut taxes on the wealthiest while increasing taxes on the middle class. In addition, Romney, like Walker, has endorsed policies that would cut health care funding and reduce aid for education.

Ross concluded, “Romney and Ryan have lowered the bar, promising fewer jobs for Wisconsin than Walker, but Gov. Walker is not even close to reaching his target. With the same failed policies like larding another trillion dollars in tax giveaways to the top one-percent, why should we expect anything but more failure from Romney and Ryan?”

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Cody currently oversees online communications, web development, and graphic design at One Wisconsin Now & the Institute, having served previously as Deputy Research Director.