Broken Record McCain’€™s Greatest Hits

I’€™ve heard about sticking to your talking points but this is getting downright ridiculous. Even though the Bush Economy has been a total disaster for sometime, John McCain has continued to parrot that the ‘€œfundamentals of our economy are strong.’€ I’€™ve wondered if he kept repeating this mantra in the past because he is so out of touch with the average working American, but even now with the investor class starting to get hit hard, McCain is still stuck on stupid.

As recently as yesterday morning, in the midst of an absolute financial crisis, McCain once again proclaimed in a Florida rally that ‘€œOur economy, I think, still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong.’€ On a day when we saw the Dow Jones close down over 500 points and a complete collapse of another major financial institution? I don’€™t know what economy McCain is talking about but it’€™s definitely not this one.

Not that McCain or other elitist conservatives have noticed, but working people have been struggling for a long time under the failed policies of the Bush Economy. They continue to struggle as a new Joint Economic Committee analysis has once again confirmed. It reveals that families are spending twice as much on household expenses than they did in 2000, even though their incomes are stagnant. John McCain has been nothing but a cheerleader for the failed Bush policies that have brought us to this terrible place, and maybe that is why he has no real answers for the average person or even for the investor class at this point. Maybe that is why he has been such a broken record in the face of such dire economic circumstances.

Here are some of John McCain’€™s ‘€œgreatest hits’€ on the ‘€œstrong economy’€:








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