Consumer Protection Category Archive

  • Brian Hagedorn Went to Bat to Protect Lead Paint Industry, Is His Campaign Benefitting From Their Support?

    People Who’ve Profited From Lead Paint Have Shown They’ll Spend Big Money to Support People Like Brian Hagedorn.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/28/2019
  • Governor Signs Bill Relaxing Rental Regulations

    Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that protects landlords by limiting local governments’ inspection authority. Under the bill, local governments can inspect rental properties only in blighted areas or in areas...

    Associated Press, 04/16/2018
  • Another Republican Attorney General Not Named Brad Schimel Goes to Court to Hold Opioid Manufacturer Accountable

    The GOP Attorney General of Alabama has filed suit seeking damages from opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharmaceuticals while Brad Schimel refuses to act.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/08/2018
  • Bill Favors Rent-to-own Firms

    “This is a sleazy attempt to prioritize a predatory industry over the consumer safety and financial well-being of Wisconsinites,” Scot Ross.

    Associated Press, 11/15/2017
  • Walker Signs Bill Letting Libraries Use Collection Agencies to Recoup Fines

    Another bill signed into law permits libraries to report borrowers who owe late fees to collections agencies, or in some cases, to law enforcement. It allows a library to report delinquent accounts...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/01/2016
  • Walker’s 2013-15 Budget Weakened Consumer Protection

    The 2013-15 budget bill contained measures weakening consumer protection in Wisconsin, including: retroactively throwing out lawsuits from individuals poisoned by lead paint; easing regulations of predatory payday lending operations; allowing cable companies...

    2013 Assembly Bill 40, 01/01/2013
  • Move to Create a “One-stop-shop” Criticized by Consumer Protection Advocates

    A proposed change in rule-making power criticized as an attack on consumer protection has been abandoned by the governor’s office. Defended by Gov. Scott Walker’s office because “it makes more sense” and...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 05/31/2011