Concealed Carry

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

As chair of the State Assembly Corrections Committee in his early years Scott Walker toed the early 1990’s GOP party line on crime.


His flip flop on the issue depending on his electoral audience is yet another example of Scott Walker’s willingness to do or say anything to get elected.

Concealed Carry Contradictions

A curious pattern has emerged in Wisconsin. Most politicians favor concealed carry of weapons – so long as it’s not allowed in the building where they work. The irony of the situation is that the law made an exception for law enforcement offices – like those of the Department of Justice agents who work for […] [Inside Milwaukee]

GOP leaders support concealed carry at Capitol

Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, said there would be a contradiction in screening all Capitol visitors for weapons and restricting access to the building during those demonstrations and then allowing concealed guns. “The Republicans wasted millions of dollars to make schoolchildren go through metal detectors and face being wanded, […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

State panel OKs bill that wouldn’t require permits for concealed carry

Shortly after the election, Walker planned to sign whatever lawmakers approved, according to a newly released email. The email from Murray was acquired by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now through the state’s open records law. Walker’s office verified it was authentic. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]