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  • Scott Walker Stands by David Clarke, Even After 4 Inmates Died in Milwaukee Jails in 6 Months

    Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor, indicated on Wednesday that he will not take any action against Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the Chicago Tribune reported. Walker said that while he has the...

    Salon, 04/27/2017
  • Walker Says He Won’t Remove Clarke As Milwaukee County Sheriff

    Gov. Scott Walker said he won’t remove Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke from office despite reports of an inmate who died of dehydration after being deprived of water for seven days in...

    WPR, 04/26/2017
  • Editorial: What the Next Sheriff Should Bring to The job

    If Clarke is about to leave, Gov. Scott Walker should get serious about who would replace him. For the sake of the county he once led, Walker needs to get this appointment...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/03/2017
  • Scott Walker Says Sheriff Clarke Fabricated a Story About Him in New Book

    Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker, responding to an excerpt from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s new book, agreed with his long-time aide R.J. Johnson that the sheriff made up a story about his interactions...

    Wisconsin Gazette, 03/03/2017
  • Walker Talks Public Safety With Milwaukee Authorities

    Gov. Scott Walker is meeting with Milwaukee authorities to discuss public safety issues. Walker spokesman Tom Evenson said the governor met with Milwaukee aldermen and the Milwaukee police and firefighter union presidents...

    Channel 3000, 08/19/2016
  • Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton’s Comments Are ‘inflaming’ Racial Tension in Milwaukee

    In an interview on “Fox and Friends,” Walker accused both Clinton and Obama of making the situation in the city worse, though he did not specify how. “I think comments like that...

    Providence Journal, 08/16/2016
  • Scott Walker’s Record on Local Government Issues

    A consistent theme throughout Gov. Scott Walker’s administration has been power grabs, particularly from local government.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/09/2015
  • Barrett: Walker Is Abandoning Republican Notion of Local Control

    Mayor Tom Barrett says Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to end residency rules statewide for all units of local government means he is abandoning an ideal Republicans have long subscribed to: local control....

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/21/2013
  • How Far Does Walker Open Records Slowdown Go?

    MADISON, Wis. — A report that Gov. Walker’s gubernatorial campaign manager directed his Milwaukee County staff to “drag out” fulfilling requests under the state open records law for information related to a...

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/20/2012
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Top Walker Aide Pleading Guilty to Felony Misconduct in Office

    MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements related to the announcement that Kelly Rindfleisch will plead guilty to one count of felony misconduct in public...

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/09/2012
  • Walker Privatized Courthouse Security, Resulting in a Convicted Sex Offender Working There Without County Knowledge

    “(Chad Wegener) works for Wackenhut Security Services, a big international firm, which took over security at the Courthouse last month. However, back in 2004, Wegener resigned as chief of police in Manawa,...

    WMTJ-TV, 04/15/2010
  • Walker Recorded Tax Ad for Club for Growth

    “The referendum also faced organized opposition from a local conservative political action group, Wisconsin Club for Growth, which ran radio ads critical of the sales tax increase over the past week. Walker...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/05/2008
  • Walker’s Pledge to Freeze Property Tax and Refusal to Raise Any Taxes ‘Exacerbates the County’s Woes’

    “But Walker exacerbates the county’s woes by sticking to his pledge to freeze the county property tax. The sentiment is commendable, but his intransigence is anything but. …Walker’s pledge fits his belief...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/30/2008