High-Speed Rail Category Archive

  • Scott Walker’s Record on Infrastructure

    Gov. Scott Walker is all for transportation infrastructure as long as he doesn’t have to be responsible for finding a way to responsibly pay for it.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/09/2015
  • Walker Returning $23 Million Federal Grant for High Speed Internet in Rural Areas

    Another suprise buried in Walker’s undemocratic, unbalanced and potentially unconstitutional budget adjustment bill is the return of a $23 million federal grant for installation of high speed internet in 380 communities areas across Wisconsin.

    Anna Landmark, 02/14/2011
  • Upon Being Elected, Walker Killed High Speed Rail in Wisconsin

    Thursday, President Obama officially withdrew $810 million from Wisconsin and announced he will re-allocate it to other states…Supporters said the project would create thousands of construction jobs and create an economic boom...

    WMTV-TV, 12/15/2010
  • One Wisconsin Now Delivers Over 7,000 Petitions to Gov.-Elect Walker’s Office to ‘Save the Train’

    MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now delivered the names of over 7,000 Wisconsinites from every corner of the state to the office of Gov.-elect Scott Walker who signed One Wisconsin Now’s “Save...

    One Wisconsin Now, 12/02/2010
  • Over 7,000 Sign One Wisconsin Now Petition to ‘Save the Train’

    Over 7,000 Wisconsin supporters of high speed rail have signed One Wisconsin Now’s petition calling to “Save the Train” and called for Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker to drop his opposition to the high speed rail project, which will create thousands of Wisconsin jobs and increase the state’s ability to attract new business and commerce.

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/18/2010
  • One Wisconsin Now Debuts ‘Moving in the Right Direction: Bringing High Speed Rail to Wisconsin’ Video

    MADISON, Wis. — The overwhelming benefits of high speed rail set for Wisconsin, including 13,000 new jobs, billions of dollars in benefits and reduced dependence on foreign oil, are the subject of...

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/13/2010
  • Walker Voted for Train Bidding Statute He’s Railing Against

    Scott Walker’s hollow criticism of the Talgo bidding process, which was not awarded to the company of his $13,000 donor and 2006 gubernatorial co-chair, is even more hypocritical given that Walker voted to create the no-bid statute in the 1997 state budget.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/17/2010
  • Walker’s Talgo ‘Outrage’ Paved With $150,000 in GOP Contributions From Super Steel Owner

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s criticism related to the Talgo company comes just two weeks after the company owned by a top Walker campaign donor and finance co-chair of...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/16/2010