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  • Scott Walker and GOP Senate Candidates Say They Oppose a Harley Boycott After Avoiding the Issue

    Every time Scott Walker tries to thread the needle with Donald Trump, he looks like a career politician who's willing to be on all sides of an issue.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 08/13/2018
  • Answer the Question, Scott Walker

    Gov. Scott Walker has not responded directly when asked about his views on Trump’s boycott.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/13/2018
  • ‘They Haven’t Asked:’ Gov. Walker Takes Hands-off Approach to President Trump-Harley Dispute

    Gov. Scott Walker is taking a hands-off approach to the dispute between President Donald Trump and Harley-Davidson over trade policy, saying that Harley executives haven’t asked him for help. Walker’s refusal to...

    WITI-TV, 07/04/2018
  • Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Harley-loving Governor, Put in Bind With Trump

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s full-throttled love of Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been intertwined with his rising political career, but now he must navigate revved up criticism of the Milwaukee-based company from President Donald...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 06/27/2018
  • Scott Walker Flies While Harley Davidson Flees

    While Scott Walker campaigns in the air, Harley Davidson ships jobs overseas. Donald Trump caused this crisis, Scott Walker is too intimidated to call him out.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/26/2018
  • Scott Walker Weighs in on Tariffs, Stays Mum on Immigration Questions

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker repeatedly evaded questions about federal immigration policy Monday, arguing it falls outside his jurisdiction. At the same time, he pushed for an end to international tariffs on products...

    Capital Times, 06/25/2018
  • Scott Walker, State Business Chamber Oppose Trump’s Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum Imports

    Gov. Scott Walker and the state’s business lobby — in a rare break with Republican President Donald Trump — are coming out against Trump’s planned tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, saying...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/03/2018
  • Scott Walker’s Record on Jobs & The Economy

    Scott Walker’s signature promise was to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin in his first term. He fell nearly 50% short of that goal.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/08/2015