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  • One Wisconsin Institute Statements on Sen. Ron Johnson and GOP Vote to Put Michael Brennan on Federal Court

    The controversial appointment of homophobic racist Michael Brennan to a lifetime appointment was rammed through the U.S. Senate today.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 05/10/2018
  • Ron Johnson Votes to Advance Nomination of Racist, Homophobe to Lifetime Court Seat; Tammy Baldwin Rejects Extremist

    With the help of Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, the nomination of racist and homophobe Michael Brennan to a lifetime appointment continues to advance.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 05/09/2018
  • US Senate Could Vote This Week On Wisconsin Judicial Nominee

    One Wisconsin Now program director Analiese Eicher criticized Brennan's work chairing Gov. Scott Walker's Judicial Selection Advisory Committee.

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 05/07/2018
  • Trump’s Judicial Nominees for Wisconsin Spark Protests

    “He is not qualified for a lifetime judicial appointment and he ought to do the right thing and withdraw himself from consideration for this nomination”

    Wisconsin Gazette, 02/22/2018
  • Red Flags Should Sink Judicial Nomination of Michael Brennan

    He is the wrong nominee for a lifetime appointment, and Trump and his Senate Republican enablers are using the wrong process in ramming through the nomination.

    Analiese Eicher, 02/21/2018
  • Donald Trump Nominee to Fill Wisconsin Federal Court Seat Fails to Disclose Shocking Comments

    The writings of Donald Trump’s nominee, Gordon Giampietro, reveal he holds views that disqualify him from a lifetime appointment to the federal court.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 02/16/2018
  • Red Flags and Blue Slips Should Sink Lifetime Nomination of Michael Brennan to Federal Court

    The Senate Judiciary today set aside common decency and its own traditions and rules in voting to approve Donald Trump’s nomination of Michael Brennan.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 02/15/2018
  • Senator Grassley’s Hypocrisy on Judges Worsens

    Sen. Chuck Grassley has nearly completed his conversion of the Judiciary Committee to his own personal political playground.

    Analiese Eicher, 01/24/2018
  • DMV Official Testifies in Voter ID Trial

    Some voters might not have been able to cast ballots this fall if not for a new state rule put in place on the eve of a trial over Wisconsin’s voter ID...

    Appleton Post-Crescent, 05/23/2016
  • Right-to-work Is Back on the Books in Wisconsin, at Least Temporarily.

    Late Tuesday, a state court of appeals judge granted Attorney General Brad Schimel’s request to reinstate the law while the appeals court decides whether it’s constitutional. The ruling was issued by Lisa...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 05/23/2016
  • Appeals Judge Hits State on Abortion Admitting Privileges law

    Governor Walker, before he withdrew from the presidential race, said he thought abortion should be forbidden even if the mother dies,” Judge Richard Posner said during arguments. “Is that kind of official...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/01/2015