Early Voting

UWGB students urge city to fix voting logjam

One Wisconsin Institute, which filed the lawsuit to end the restrictions, joined UWGB students in calling for expanded early voting in Green Bay. [Green Bay Press-Gazette]

The Hard Power of ‘Soft’ Voter-ID Laws

According to the nonprofit One Wisconsin Now, the state’s DMV has created such a draconian bureaucratic voter-ID exemption process that many voters simply give up in anger and frustration. [The Atlantic]

Voter Suppression

With Scott Walker leading the charge, Wisconsin Republicans have systematically sought to make voting more difficult and manipulate state law.

Will Gov. Walker Stop The Fraud?

Governor Walker has a choice. He can stand up for the right to vote enshrined in the Wisconsin Constitution and veto the bill or he can allow his political ambitions to trump doing what is right by Wisconsin voters.

Wisconsin and an Early Attack on Early Voting

Melissa Harris-Perry talks to Mike Browne, the Deputy Director of One Wisconsin Now, about one state assembly representative’s attempt to prevent workers who are unable to cast a vote during normal workday hours from voting. [MSNBC]

Equality of Inconvenience

Bills like the early voting restriction proposal, and the lawmakers like Rep. Duey Stroebel that propose them, ought to be rebuked, not excused.