According to a report by the One Wisconsin Institute, the impact of student debt translates into over $6 billion in lost automotive sales each year. General Motors is also taking note.
Huffington Post
This report exposes the web of right-wing funders advancing a radical school privatization agenda through the use of Wisconsin-based front groups, with special focus on the Bradley Foundation, headed by Scott Walker's campaign co-chair Michael Grebe.
One Wisconsin Institute
The Eau Claire area is home to thousands of the estimated 753,000 Wisconsinites with federal student loan debt
One Wisconsin Institute

The nonprofit One Wisconsin Institute, a liberal nonprofit research group, found that the average payoff time for a student loan was 21 years. That’s a long time to wait to buy a home.
Lender Hookup
A recent survey from One Wisconsin Institute, a communication network for Wisconsin progressives, found that it will take the average student loan borrower more than 21 years to completely pay off their debt.
Alfred Woody
Over the course of the show, Bayrd and Ross discussed not only the crushing student loan debt, but also how it is affecting the economy.

Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now and UWM student Santera Michels discuss the burden of U.S. student loan debt, which totals $1 trillion.
The homeownership rate for those individuals who are still paying off student loans is 36 percent lower than among their peers who have no student debt, according to research from the One Wisconsin Institute
LA Times
The U.S. Senate prepares to vote on a stopgap measure to repeal a doubling of interest rates on federal student loans.
One Wisconsin Institute

Americans paying off student loans are, depending on income, 25 to 36 percent less likely to own a home than those who are free of student debt, a One Wisconsin survey of 61,000 people found last month.
Tampa Bay Times
It’s no wonder that people who’ve paid off their student loan debt are 36 percent more likely to own homes than those who haven’t, according to new research by the One Wisconsin Now Institute and Progress Now.
One Wisconsin Insititute presented research findings on the student loan debt crisis on Capitol City Sunday.

A college education is supposed to be a path to the middle class, not a sentence to decades of debt. But, based on our original research, that is exactly what the fallout is.
One Wisconsin Institute
Our research shows how the vicious cycle of student loan debt is a danger to the finances of students & their families and to our national economy.
One Wisconsin Institute
One Wisconsin Institute today unveiled new survey data showing the devastating impact of the one trillion dollars in student loan debt on the American economy.
One Wisconsin Institute

According to a study from One Wisconsin, it will take Wisconsinites on average almost 19 years to pay off their student loan debt from a four-year university, taking away money that could be spent in our local economies.
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan
One Wisconsin Institute (affiliated with the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now) filed a brief arguing that Wisconsin’s ID law would be significantly more burdensome than the ID law in Indiana that was upheld...
Capital Times
An omnibus bill from Rep. Jeff Stone on the legislative fast-track would make a host of anti-voter changes to state election law according to voter rights advocates.
One Wisconsin Institute

It is not just students who are affected. Professionals who go through technical, four-year, or even graduate school have student loan debt. So do single moms.
La Crosse Tribune
Voting is not only our right; it is our duty. It is how we have a say in the direction of our community, our state and our country. Voting is the one time everyone is equal. Young or old, rich or poor, on Election Day everyone gets the same say.
One Wisconsin Institute
“The average debt per student in Wisconsin is nearly $25,000,” said Ross. That’s the 15th highest rate in the nation, and 67 percent of graduating students in the state will have some form of debt.
Wisconsin Radio Network

One Wisconsin Institute briefed state legislators on the dramatic, negative impact of the trillion-dollar student loan debt crisis on Wisconsin's economy.
One Wisconsin Institute
Many Wisconsinites are putting off buying new cars or buying homes, according to survey of 2,658 Wisconsin residents by the liberal One Wisconsin Institute.
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
One Wisconsin Institute presented a study Friday at Chippewa Valley Technical College saying the average student loan debt lasts for nearly 19 years.

My children and my neighbor’s children are carrying a burden that’s real, immediate, and threatens to hobble the economy for decades to come.
Capital Times
My name is Scot Ross and I'm a student loan debtor. I know the regret of economic opportunity lost to a loan payment.
The Progressive
Recent research conducted by the One Wisconsin Institute found student loan debt also has a dramatic, negative effect on the state economy. Individuals with bachelor degrees with student loan debt were making...
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A new report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York paints a grim picture of the growing trillion dollar student loan debt crisis.
One Wisconsin Institute
The Institute is out to shame us into doing something to fix the nation's student debt problem. And that it's a problem is unmistakable.
Capital Times
One Wisconsin Institute is out to shame us into doing something to fix the nation’s student debt problem. And that it’s a problem is unmistakable. We’re drowning young college graduates in years...
Capital Times

One Wisconsin Institute has found that those graduating with student loan debt face an average monthly payments of $388 for the next 18 to 22 years.
One Wisconsin Institute
The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has accepted an Amicus brief filed by One Wisconsin Institute opposing the implementation of a state voter ID law.
One Wisconsin Institute
One Wisconsin Institute is today filing an amicus brief in support of the NAACP-Voces de la Frontera lawsuit against the state's voter identification law.
One Wisconsin Institute

How can making it more difficult for Wisconsin residents to exercise their right to vote in the leading democracy in the world be justified?
Scot Ross
From skyrocketing student loan debt, to the gender wage-gap, the incentive for the under 30-years-old, or so-called Millennials to vote is there.
Taylor Larson
Research by One Wisconsin Institute reveals that Wisconsin household's share of the student loan debt burden has a dramatic impact on their spending decisions.
Wisconsin State Journal

These billboards were an assault on the voters and the people of Wisconsin deserve to know who paid to attack the sacred right to vote in such an unseemly manner.
One Wisconsin Institute
One Wisconsin Institute joined community leaders and organizations in Milwaukee for a press conference about the dozens of voter suppression billboards, targeting communities of color.
One Wisconsin Institute
Student loan debt has become an economic crisis across the nation. Researchers with One Wisconsin Institute and student leaders presented findings on the debt crisis.

“I think that these billboards are designed to suppress the vote. That is their intention,” says Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Institute.
One Wisconsin Institute conducted a survey of 2,700 state residents that showed over one-third of individuals with bachelors or advanced degrees have outstanding student loan payments.
Badger Herald
A new study [by One Wisconsin Institute] quantifies the economic gut punch that many young adults in Wisconsin feel from student loan debt.
Wisconsin State Journal

Our research confirms the detrimental economic impact of student loan debt, finding it negatively affects new car purchasing and home ownership.
One Wisconsin Institute
One in five American households now owes money on student loans – more than double the percentage of households and nearly triple the average amount of college debt of two decades ago.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
As student loan debt tops one trillion dollars nationally federal officials are pointing to the debt crisis as a drag on economic recovery efforts.
One Wisconsin Institute

Voting is both our right and our civic responsibility. It is how we shape the future of our communities and hold our elected representatives accountable.
Scot Ross
Wisconsin is the only state to formally allow electronic copies of documents to be used to prove residency for voter registration.
One Wisconsin Institute
The Institute is urging GAB to update and evaluate their interpretation of Wisconsin law to allow legal voters to use electronic billing statements.
One Wisconsin Institute

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