John McCain’€™s Scary Health Care Tax

On Friday healthcare workers represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) were joined by Healthcare United, Change to Win members, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin as they gathered in front of John McCain’€™s campaign office in West Allis. They were there to protest McCain’€™s proposed tax on health insurance.

The McCain healthcare plan will only make a bad situation much worse by placing the interests of insurance companies and big corporations ahead of working families. The McCain plan would tax employer funded healthcare benefits for the first time ever. The Center for American Progress Action Fund found in a recent study that if the plan became law, a typical family could pay almost $1,100 more each year in taxes.

Some of the people that gathered in front of John McCain’€™s campaign office had signs declaring, ‘€œYou’€™ve Been McTaxed’€ and ‘€œMcCain’€™s Healthcare Plan is Scary.’€ While many that gathered on Friday held different signs, they all agreed around the central premise that John McCain’€™s healthcare plan would be a total disaster. One person at the event perhaps put it best saying, ‘€œOur economy is suffering from Bush and McCain’€™s policies of deregulation without oversight, it is frightening that McCain wants to risk my family’€™s health by taxing benefits and putting healthcare at the mercy of the free market.’€

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