Open records proposal scrapped

[M]embers of the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted 12-4 on party lines to adopt a measure which included a provision that would have greatly altered the state’s open records law. The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now and the conservative think-tank the MacIver Institute for Public Policy each issued statements critical of the JFC’s decision. [DeForest Times-Tribune]

‘Bad, bad idea’: A plan to change Wisconsin’s open records laws was met with swift, strong opposition

Despite being introduced and passed at the start of a holiday weekend, the proposal sparked outrage among constituents, journalists and good government advocates. The opposition transcended party lines, with groups like the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, One Wisconsin Now, the MacIver Institute and the Center for Media and Democracy united against it. [Capital Times]

Wisconsin swindled by Scott Walker’s jobs scam

What is more, the amount of cash available for the WEDC to carelessly dispense has grown. By the end of 2013, the state had awarded over $970 million in tax credits, loans and grants, according to the watchdog group One Wisconsin Now. [Al Jazeera]

Sen. Duey Stroebel: Lawmaker, Lawbreaker?

Stroebel crossed the line of what’s legal in Wisconsin with his action publicly demanding a vote on that bill as a bottom line demand for giving his vote in favor of the state budget.

Scott Walker is Drowning Students in Debt

The Agenda Project Action Fund, One Wisconsin Now and Wisconsin Jobs Now have launched "HOLD YOUR BREATH," a graphic ad depicting an individual drowning to symbolize the plight of Americans burdened by student debt. [Huffington Post]

Scott Walker Is Drowning Students In Debt

One Wisconsin Now has helped launch “HOLD YOUR BREATH,” a graphic ad depicting an individual drowning to symbolize the plight of Americans burdened by student debt.

Why are Republicans wary of arena deal? Check the scoreboard

Republicans can't claim surprise when politicians who rode into office on the backs of their special interests attacks over a $5 million scoreboard for the Milwaukee Bucks aren't lining up to support a $500 million arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Scott Walker’s Jobs Program Didn’t Work

The bottom line is that Scott Walker said when he came into office, this is my blueprint for making good on my promise to create 250,000 jobs. [Daily Beast]

Politicians returning donations from white supremacist

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is expected to announce his presidential candidacy next month, has received $3,500 in donations from Holt since 2011... “Scott Walker should be ashamed to have taken Earl Holt’s money in the first place," said Scot Ross of the progressive group One Wisconsin Now. [Associated Press]

A valuable lesson in Gov. Scott Walker’s education record

Wisconsin is 35th in the nation in job creation, dead last in the Midwest, and our middle class is shrinking. Wisconsin is divided as never before and in desperate search for leadership that brings us back together. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Kapenga embraces complaint filed by liberal group

The liberal group One Wisconsin Now on Wednesday filed a complaint alleging state Rep. Chris Kapenga had violated state law, an accusation the Town of Delafield Republican said he takes “as a badge of honor.” [Waukesha Freeman]

OWN Files Complaint Against Rep. Kapenga

Rep. Kapenga has failed to abide by the laws of Wisconsin prohibiting the use of state resources to benefit outside groups and requiring elected officials and candidates for office to be transparent about their dealings. [Wisconsin Daily Independent]

Guest view: Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is no model to follow

People who read Gov. Scott Walker’s recent column deserve to know the truth about his record on the economy. Tax cuts for corporation do not create jobs. Education creates jobs, which creates customers for small businesses. [Holmen Courier-Life]

Safety Net & Social Services

Gov. Scott Walker’s political career has been marked by efforts to dismantle safety net programs or, if not dismantle, run them into the ground.


Scott Walker's political philosophy can be summed up in three easy steps: (1) Reward my donors, (2) Increase my power, and (3) Punish my enemies.

Voter Suppression

With Scott Walker leading the charge, Wisconsin Republicans have systematically sought to make voting more difficult and manipulate state law.


Gov. Scott Walker is all for transportation infrastructure as long as he doesn’t have to be responsible for finding a way to responsibly pay for it.