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The right wing in Wisconsin is going to pull out all the stops to keep Dan Kelly around like trying to bully a commission into a pre-election voter roll purge.

Nearly 82 percent of students in the statewide expansion of the program in the 2019-20 school year attended a private school in the previous school year.

The right wing in Wisconsin has a long and shameful record of manipulating the rules on voting for their own advantage.

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents today advanced a proposed administrative rule restricting free speech on campuses.

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents is poised to push forward with a controversial plan to limit campus speech.

The more college debt that students incur, the less likely they are to choose to work in a lower-wage profession such as teaching.

The memo shows yet again how borrowers caught in the $1.6 trillion student debt crisis have been treated unfairly by the system.

Wisconsin remains in the top ten states in the nation for the percentage of graduates with student loan debt.

Wisconsin schools are seeing the fallout from the teacher exodus and shortage of college students pursuing a career in education.

Lawyer/Lobbyist Hired by Republicans Bows Out of Opioid Settlement Discussions.

The lawyer/lobbyist hired by Joint Committee on Finance previously defended GOP legislators in open records case.

We face the possibility of losing out on billions from holding the opioid manufacturers liable because of the mess Republicans made.,

One Wisconsin Now offered seven more stops that should be, but aren’t, on Tom Tiffany’s introductory tour

A bill proposed by two Republican legislators would require state taxpayers to give $500,000 a year to fake women’s health centers.

While vacationing in historic Vienna, Austria, Robin Vos took time out from sightseeing to vow to oppose Gov. Tony Evers’ agenda.

Right-wing legislators who support amending the state constitution to outlaw birth control are targeting science with a new proposal.

Questions continue to swirl around the Republican co-chairs of the state budget committee hiring a lawyer at state taxpayer expense.

GOP legislators agreed to confidentiality when leaders rigged district lines, now reject effort to comply with law they passed.

The UW Board of Regents seems more interested in attempting to appease right-wing politicians than protecting the rights of students.

Steve King is the subject of national condemnation for a rant explaining opposition to rape and incest exceptions to abortion bans.

Bigoted Views, Affiliations With Hate Group and Conflicts of Interest Cast Cloud Over Newest Member of State High Court.

A handful of Republicans in the state legislature have re-introduced legislation to protect right-wing hate speech on UW campuses.

Court opinions which Dan Kelly authored or joined and his positions on court rules show his extremism in action.

Robin Vos is refusing to make a simple workplace accommodation for a fellow state legislator who was paralyzed.

In the three years since Judge Peterson’s ruling, Wisconsin voters have shown that they will vote when given the opportunity to vote.

Republican state legislators revealed they will propose a plan to increase tuition at University of Wisconsin schools.

Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly took campaign money from board members of group representing plaintiffs while deciding their case.

One Wisconsin Now joined with a coalition of groups supporting women’s access to abortion and comprehensive health care.

Robin Vos recently declared the state Assembly he oversees would be taking the summer off and not return to session work until October.

Right-wing justice Dan Kelly warns of judges bringing policy preferences to bench, after he puts policy preference to work on court.

Statements from One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher on Gov. Tony Evers’ action today on the 2019 state budget.

Reflecting on Budget, Robin Vos Wishes He Could Have Delivered Even More Than $1.4 Billion in Tax Giveaways for Wealthy, Corporations

Republicans refused to include Tony Evers' 2019 budget provision to help by setting up a state plan for allowing borrowers to refinance their loans.

Candidates in the Democratic presidential primary support student loan debt reforms with several already having rolled out formal plans to help take on the $1.5 trillion crisis.

Key findings include a majority of voters trust Gov. Evers and Democrats versus Republicans on education issues.

An investigative report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel exposes the self dealing ways of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

In this budget, the GOP protected state tax loopholes for big business benefactors, and the rest of us are the ones paying for it.

On this day in 1919, Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment to give women the right to vote.

How far are Republican legislative leaders willing to go to avoid working with Gov. Tony Evers and Democrats to pass a state budget?

When It Comes to Lawyers for Himself, Robin Vos Spares No Taxpayer-Funded Expense.

Republicans in control of the state Senate are poised to intervene in health care decisions being made by Wisconsin women.

At no point in his career has Dan Kelly has shown the ability or the inclination to be anything other than a right-wing partisan.

A review of the antics of Robin Vos around the 2017 budget reveal it’s the same old Assembly Speaker.

It’s ridiculous that GOP leaders vow partisan obstruction to the death one minute, then accuse people of not negotiating with them.

Republican majority on the Joint Committee on Finance refused the opportunity to provide help to student loan borrowers today.

Taking health care choices away from women and their families is the publicly stated, ultimate goal of many of the legislators.

Republicans summed up their attitude toward democracy and voter rights today by refusing to even allow a vote on voter rights.