One Wisconsin Now Statements Regarding Fitzgerald Rights’ Denial to 2.2 Million Wisconsinites

Fitzgerald Extends Attack on Workers' Rights to Democratic Senate Constituents


MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s planned denial of committee voting rights to 14 Senate Democrats, who represent 2.2 million Wisconsin residents and taxpayers.

“Sen. Scott Fitzgerald isn’t content with illegally passing a bill which takes away the rights of 175,000 working Wisconsinites and now has expanded his attacks to disenfranchise the voices of 2.2 million more Wisconsin residents and taxpayers. Considering how the Republicans plan to slash $900 million from our public schools, cut health care for 1 million Wisconsinites, raise prescription drug costs for countless seniors, raise taxes on the working poor by $51 million while at the same time handing $200 million in tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate special interests, Sen. Fitzgerald might better spend his time convincing his fractured caucus that Gov. Walker isn’t sacrificing their majority in pursuit of higher office. One only wonders if Sen. Fitzgerald’s next out-of-control temper tantrum will involve deploying his father and his father’s six-figure salary crony position to physically prevent Senate Democrats from entering the state capitol, the same way Walker and company did to the people of Wisconsin for the past week.”

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