RPW’€™s Preibus Calling Todd Berry a Liar?

Reince Preibus must not have gotten the memo about the over $288,000 the board members over at the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance have donated to his Republican and conservative pals.

Otherwise, he’€™d be using President Todd Berry’€™s talking point about the state finances not being as bad as the $5 billion-plus deficit everyone else understands as fact.

To defend professional right wing panderer and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’€™s laughable ‘€œrefusal’€ to take federal stimulus money, Preibus has steadily criticized the governor as the cause of the $5 billion deficit. Apparently the ungodly fiscal mismanagement and endless war in Iraq of the Bush administration which has dropped the country into the Second Great Depression and resulted in Wisconsin’€™s woes, is something other than Bush and his cronies’€™ fault.

But Berry’€™s been out there claiming the deficit here billions less ‘€“ and as we pointed out earlier this week, it’€™s most likely because the conservative agenda of the Taxpayers Alliance and its supporters do not want to have corporations and the wealthiest Wisconsinites to at long last pay their fair share.

Less deficit means less need to raise revenue from those who have ridden on the loophole gravy train so long, eh, Todd?

I will say, Preibus’€™s willingness to thumb his nose at such an important bunch of donors over on the board of WTA is refreshing.

Could it be that no longer will 92% of the giving of the WTA board go to conservatives and Republicans?

Only time will tell.

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