scott walker

An Archive of Gov. Scott Walker's Cronyism, Corruption and Incompetence

Walker’s bill increased “the general obligation bonding authority for the prison expansion project by $50,000,000, from $25,000,000 to $75,000,000.
1995 AB 1018
The bill granted bill adult courts “original jurisdiction over a juvenile who is alleged to have attempted or committed first-degree intentional homicide or to have committed first-degree reckless homicide or 2nd-degree intentional...
1995 AB 130
The bill created a “series of crimes providing penalties, based on current law, for persons who cause death, great bodily harm or harm to an unborn child.”
1995 AB 146

The bill proposed several changes to the state family leave law including eliminating, “civil actions for violations of the family and medical leave law.”
1995 AB 200
The bill would have made optional the recognition in public schools of certain special observance days.
1995 AB 203
Under the bill, a court could determine a serious child sex offender should be ordered to undergo pharmacological treatment aka “chemical castration”
1995 AB 594

The bill proposed making permanent a previously adopted cap on public school funding.
1995 AB 6
The new law revised standards and procedures for awarding punitive damages in certain civil cases.
1995 WI Act 17
The bill, signed in to law in May 1996, expanded “requirements for a woman’s informed consent for performance or inducement of an abortion and for consent to a minor’s obtaining an abortion...
1995 WI Act 309

The Legislature must first tighten its own belt before it looks to new forms or levels of taxation.”
Wisconsin State Journal
Walker voted against a bill expanding statewide and raising income limits for the state program that helped provide health insurance for low income and unemployed individuals in counties with the highest unemployment....
1993 AB 1162
Walker claimed the new Republican Legislators pioneered the idea. “We felt it was important as new members to stress that we were looking for something dynamic and different.”
Capital Times

1993 AB 587
Walker cast votes against a bill that required increased disclosure from mining companies and allowed permits to be denied for a history of non-compliance with regulations.
1993 AB 542
The bill would have banned the state group insurance board from providing group health insurance coverage for abortion to employees in the Wisconsin retirement system.
1993 SB 727