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  • New Poll Finds Overwhelming, Bipartisan Support Among Wisconsin Voters for Allowing Student Loan Refinancing

    Yet another poll of Wisconsin voters finds broad support for allowing student loan borrowers to refinance their loans.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/26/2017
  • Cap Times Talk Panelists: Student Loan Debt Needs Fix Before a Crisis Hits

    “I find it difficult to see how 43 million Americans with $1.4 trillion in debt is not a national crisis,” said Analiese Eicher, One Wisconsin Now.

    Capital Times, 10/25/2017
  • Advocates for Student Loan Reform Call on National Democrats to Give 44 Million Americans a ‘Better Deal’

    One Wisconsin Now and Student Loan Debt Crisis are urging national Democrats to include critical student loan reforms as part of their “Better Deal” agenda.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/11/2017
  • Analiese Eicher: Walker, GOP Not Even Trying to Solve Student Loan Debt Crisis

    Solutions for student loan debt remain unrealized, not because they are unreachable, but because the governor and the Republicans aren’t listening and aren’t trying.

    Capital Times, 10/05/2017
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Program Is About to Face Its First Major Test

    “Not only is there an uncertainty about whether or not this program is going to happen, but there’s still an uncertainty about how this works,” said Analiese Eicher.

    MarketWatch, 09/29/2017
  • Matt Rothschild: 10 Steps Wisconsin Progressives Need to Take

    We also need student debt forgiveness. Here’s a shout-out to Scot Ross at One Wisconsin Now for bringing the issue of student debt to the fore.

    Capital Times, 09/29/2017
  • One Year Anniversary of Gov. Scott Walker Telling Wisconsin Student Loan Borrowers to ‘Call a Bank’

    Today marks the one year anniversary of Gov. Scott Walker advising Wisconsin borrowers to “call a bank”.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/27/2017
  • New Poll Shows Popular Support for Student Loan Payment Reform

    Poll conducted by One Wisconsin [Institute] showed broad bipartisan support for student loan payment reform despite failure to pass such legislation in Wisconsin

    Badger Herald, 09/26/2017
  • New Runways for Corporate Jets, Massive Subsidies for Foreign Corporations, Bupkis for Wisconsin Student Loan Borrowers

    Today, Gov. Scott Walker, on the two year anniversary of the suspension of his 71-day run for President, signed the 76-day late 2017 state budget into law.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/21/2017
  • Wisconsin’s Average Student Loan Burden Tops $30,000 in Latest National Study, State Remains in Top Ten for Percentage of Grads With Debt

    Nationally, Wisconsin places sixth for percentage of graduates with debt and seventeenth highest for the average amount of debt.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/20/2017
  • Common Sense Plan to Help Borrowers Refinance Student Loans, Just Like You Can With a Mortgage, Killed by State Senate Republicans

    In broad daylight they voted to stick it to the hardworking Wisconsin student loan borrowers who took on the personal responsibility to pay for their education.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/15/2017
  • Private Jets, Private Schools and Private Equity Fund Managers Big Winners Under Republican Budget Scheme

    Private jets, private schools and private equity fund managers win, the vast majority of Wisconsinites, especially student loan borrowers, lose.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/13/2017
  • Bryan Kelly Talks With Analiese About Reforms to Help Student Loan Borrowers Refinance Their Debt

    Bryan Kelly talks with Analiese about reforms to help student loan borrowers refinance their debt.

    WRRD-AM, 09/12/2017
  • New Poll of Wisconsin Voters Picks Up On Student Loan Trends

    A poll of Wisconsin voters commissioned by One Wisconsin Institute found nearly two-thirds of poll participants would favor a student loan refinancing program.

    The Student Loan Report, 09/12/2017
  • Poll: 64 Percent of WI Voters Want State Plan for Student Loan Refinancing

    The poll, commissioned by the liberal policy group One Wisconsin Now and conducted by Public Policy Polling, shows just 31 percent of voters are against such a plan.

    WKOW-TV, 09/11/2017
  • New Poll Finds Strong Support for Reforms to Help Wisconsin Student Loan Borrowers

    Results of a new poll commissioned by One Wisconsin Institute finds broad support for reforms to help student loan borrowers.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 09/11/2017
  • Broke, Busted, And Disgusted

    This pro-education documentary film examining the true costs of college aired on CNBC in September 2017. It features research from One Wisconsin.

    CNBC, 09/02/2017
  • Student Debt Reform Advocates Unveil New Online Resource for Borrowers

    Leading student debt advocates have joined together to mobilize support for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program with online resources at

    One Wisconsin Institute, 08/16/2017
  • Piling On: DeVos, Trump Make Student Loan Crisis Worse

    One Wisconsin Institute, found that people with student loan debt are far more likely to rent versus own a home.

    The Progressive, 08/07/2017
  • One Wisconsin Now Joins Nationwide Opposition to Trump Administration Rollback of Student Loan Borrower Protections

    The Donald Trump Administration is getting it completely wrong, protecting predatory for profit colleges instead of hard working students and taxpayers.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/14/2017
  • Brad Schimel Refuses to Protect Student Loan Borrowers, Again

    While Attorneys General across the country continue to take actions to protect the rights of student loan borrowers, Brad Schimel continues to do nothing.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/07/2017
  • This Is the Age Most Americans Pay Off Their Student Loans

    A study from the One Wisconsin Institute finds that it takes graduates of Wisconsin universities 19.7 years to pay off a bachelor's degree.

    CNBC, 07/03/2017
  • Scott Walker, Worst Governor in Nation on Student Loan Debt, to Host Donald Trump, Owner of Scam For Profit ‘University’

    Scott Walker and Donald Trump may be a perfect match, but over 43 million Americans with student debt deserve better than the policies of this duo.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/13/2017
  • Non-Educational Spending of Student Loan Funds Increasing

    A survey by the One Wisconsin Institute found the average amount of time needed to repay a loan for a bachelor’s degree was about 21 years.

    GoodCall, 06/06/2017
  • Scot Ross: GOP Should Go Back to School on Student Loan Debt Crisis

    There's no excuse for failing to act when presented with common-sense solutions to the economic crisis of student loan debt.

    Capital Times, 05/31/2017
  • Republican Legislators Rejecting Student Loan Refinancing Themselves Attended College at One-Fifth the Cost Today

    Cost of Republicans' own schooling may explain ignorance of student loan debt crisis, but it doesn’t excuse their refusal to help.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/26/2017
  • Scot Ross: Trump, DeVos Budget Reflects Anti-Education Agenda

    Trump has shown the 43 million Americans who owe $1.4 trillion in student debt that he does not care about them.

    The Progressive, 05/24/2017
  • Support Higher Ed, Lower Debt

    We’re asking you to call, write or email your state legislators and urge them to support this common sense plan and include it in the state budget.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/23/2017
  • State Budget Committee Democrats Make a Stand for Student Loan Borrowers

    Amendment to Allow Student Loan Borrowers to Refinance, Just Like You Can With a Mortgage, Would Put State on Road to Reform.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/23/2017
  • Legislators’ Choice: Common Sense Protections of Students or Gov. Scott Walker’s Way

    Scott Walker’s latest scheme would undermine protections for Wisconsinites from predatory for-profit colleges at a time when it is needed more than ever.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/17/2017
  • Wisconsin Republican Party Opposing Common Sense Student Loan Debt Reform Gathers for State Convention on University of Wisconsin Graduation Weekend

    Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Republican Party gathers for their convention this weekend, at the same time students graduate from UW schools across the state.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/12/2017
  • 6 Ways to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven

    A study by One Wisconsin Institute revealed that on average, a graduate with a bachelor's degree will take 21 years to repay their student loans.

    Associated Press, 05/07/2017